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Programming, Scripting and Markup Languages.


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Scripting language categories
1) Scripting Langages.
2) Programing Languages.
3) Markup languages.
Markup Languages
...are presentational languages.

Programing & Scripting Languages
Are for programers who define sets of instructions and runs those instructions and provide "logic" that can be run on the hardware.
"Scripting Languages" are programming languages.
They are in a subcategory that help us define the nature of that language, in other words "how is compiled".
Example: C C sharp, C++ and Java.
(NOTE: Java is -not- JavaScript.)
JavaScript, PHP, HHVM and SQL are Scripting and Programming Languages but...
They are in "another" Programming Language subcategory and they may have different configuration and operating systems so you may need to recompile it for each of them (Windows, MacOS, Linux).
Hardware Architecture
It's the way your computer is designed to handle those bits and every architectural model could process things differently.
Example: Sandy Bridge Architecture, ARM Architecture. (They both have a different way of processing the binary data). Then... you have to recompile.