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Mythology: Intro and Chapter One


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Title of Jupiter (Zeus)
King of the Gods and Mortals
Symbol of Jupiter
Bird of Jupiter
Tree of Jupiter
Title of Neptune (Poseidon)
God of the Sea
Symbol of Neptune
Animal of Neptune
Horse (creator of)
Titles of Pluto (Hades)
God of the Underworld; King of the Dead
Symbols of Pluto
Cap of invisibility; pomegranate
Titles of Minerva (Athena), Jupiter's fav child
Goddess of Wisdom & War, Goddess of the City, Protectress of Civilized Life, handicrafts, and agriculture
Temple of Minerva
Tree of Minerva
Olive Tree
Bird of Minerva
Titles of Juno (Hera)
Queen of the Gods and Mortals, Protectress of Women and Marriage
Animals of Juno
Cow and peacock
City of Juno
Titles of Apollo
God of Music, God Lord of the Silver Bow, the Healer, God of Light (the Sun), God of Truth
Symbol of Apollo
Golden lyre
Animals of Apollo
Dolphin and the crow
Tree of Apollo
Titles of Diana (Artemis)
Goddess of the Hunt, Goddess of the Moon, Lady of Wild Things, Protectress of the Youth
Tree of Diana
Animal of Diana
Title of Venus (Aphrodite)
Goddess of Love and Beauty
Bird of Venus
Tree of Venus
Titles of Mercury (Hermes)
Messenger to the Gods, Guide to the Dead
What does Mercury wear?
Winged sandals and helmet
Symbol of Mercury
Caduceus, two snakes intertwined on his wand
Title of Mars (Ares)
God of War
Animals of Mars
Dog & Vulture
Titles of Vulcan (Hep.)
God of Fire, Protector of the Smiths
Role of Vulcan
Forges the weapons, makes Jupiter's thunderbolts
Title of Vesta (Hestia)
The Virgin Goddess, Goddess of the Home/Hearth (Fireplace)
Who cared for Vesta'a eternal flame?
Six vestal virgins
Who was Eros/Cupid?
The God of Love, Venus's son
Who was Iris?
Goddess of the Rainbow and messenger of the Gods
Who did Iris deliver a message to in the Illiad?
Who were the three
Splendor, Mirth, and Good Cheer, goddesses of grace and beauty, daughters of Zeus and Eurynome
Who were the nine Muses?
The Goddesses of Inspiration and Good Conscience, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne (Memory)
The Graces and Muses together were known as
the "queens of song" and no banquet without them could please
Righteous Anger/Karma
What did Neptune have dominion over?
The Mediterranean Sea and the Friendly Sea (Euxine/Black Sea)
Who was Ocean?
a Titan who was lord of the river Ocean, a great river encircling the earth
Pontus (Deep Sea)
son of Mother Earth and father of Nereus
Old Man of the Sea
Trumpeter of the Sea (with his great shell), son of Neptune and Amphitrite
sometimes Triton's son, other times his attendant that foretold the future and shape shifted in the sea
Water nymphs, which dwelt in freshwater springs, brooks, and fountains
River Acheron
the river of woe, which pours into Cocytus
an aged boatman who ferries the souls of the dead across the water
River Cocytus
the river of lamentation
Requirements for Charon's ferry
money needs to be placed on the lips of those who died and duly buried
three-headed, dragon-tailed dog who permits spirits to enter but none to return
Three Judges of the Underworld
Rhadamanthus, Minos, and Aeacus
Where are the wicked sent in the Underworld?
Where are the blessed sent in the Underworld?
The Elysian Fields
River Phlegethon
the river of fire
River Styx
the river of unbreakable oaths
River Lethe
river of forgetfulness
The Furies/Erinyes
Tisiphone, Megaera, Alecto—goddesses that punish evil doers
Sleep and his brother _________ dwelt in the lower underworld
Goddess of the Corn, daughter of Cronus and Rhea
This god was a noisy, merry god who was part goat and was special to goatherds and shepherds
What is the origin of the word "panic"?
sounds heard in a wilderness at night by a trembling traveler was made by Pan
This diety was a jovial fat old man who rode an ass because he was always drunk
This pair of brothers were sons of Leda that lived half their lives on earth and then in heaven
Castor and Pollux
creatures that were part man and part horse
goat-men, like Pan, who had homes in the wild places of the earth
nymphs of trees whose lives were held in the tree
King of the Winds, who lived on earth
The North Wind
The West Wind
The South Wind
The East Wind
Half men, half-horse who live more like beasts then men
Which centaur was known for his goodness and wisdom?
These three women were dragon-like creature with wings whose look turned men to stone (ex: Medusa)
These women lived on an island in the Sea and led sailors to their deaths
These three gray women had but one eye between them and they live on the farther bank of the Ocean
The Graiae
This group of women include Clotho, the Spinner, who spun the thread if life; Lachesis, the Disposer of Lots, who assigned man his destiny, and Atropos, who carried the abhorred shears who cut the thread at death
Roman gods before they adopted the Greek gods were known as the Powers or the Wills
These goss were in every home of Rome which consisted of a spirit of an ancestor and several gods of the hearth and the stprehouse
Lares and Penates
Guardian of Boundaries
Helper of Plowmen and Woodcutters
God of the Good Beginnings who brought good endings and month was January
Saturn's grandson that was similar to Pan; Roman satyrs
Faunus; Fauns
Deified Romulus, the founder of Rome
Spirits of the Good Dead
The Manes
Spirits of the Wicked Dead and were greatly feared
These two began as Numina, as Powers protecting orchards and gardens and were personified later from a story about how they fell in love with each other
Pomona and Vertumnus