27 terms

Snip presidency

when congress votes in the house to charge a gov't official and a 2/3 vote in the senate will remove that offical.
Bill clinton
impeached for obstruction of justice. was not removed from office
Richard Nixon
resigned the presidency before he was impeached
Andrew Johnson
impeached for violating the "tenure of office act", was one vote short from being removed.
Presidential power to free a person in jail or prevent a citizen from being tried in court. Pres. Ford did this for Nixon
constitutional requirements
must be at least 35, a natural born citizen and at least 14 year resident
executive agreement
foreign policy "mini-treaty" between the president and leader of a foreign nation; does NOT require the difficult to receive Senate approval
commander in chief
presidents duty as leader of the armed forces; in wartime this usually brings extra power
War Powers Act
allows president to make war for 60-90 days without Congressional approval.
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
law passed in 1964 that granted the president powers to commit unlimited numbers of troops for an unlimited amount of time in Vietnam
Office of Management & budget
powerful bureacracy allocates funds to other departments through the budget process. If you tick off the director he/she could cut your funds and change how your agency operates!
state of the union
speech where president outlines the goals of his administration for the coming year.
an advisory group that is not required by the constitution but started its existence because George Washington wanted advice
electoral college
50 state elections that indirectly elect the president
the threatened use of this power allows presidential input on congressional lawmaking
12th amendment
this amendment placed the president and vice pres. on the same ballot to avoid the confusion of the election of 1800
22nd amendment
This restricts a president from being elected to more than two terms
25th amendment
allows the president to appoint a vice - president if that office becomes vacant BUT Congress must approve with a majority vote
judicial appointment
presidential privilege to appoint judges with senate confirmation
line item veto
this shortlived pres. power was cancelled by Clinton vs New York
diplomatic power that conveys legitimacy and importance to new nations
appoint supporters to bureacratic and diplomatic positions
White House chief of staff
person who is close pres. advisor and heads the Executive Office of the President (Nat. Sec. Council, O.M.B., Council of Economic Advisors, etc
executive privilege
idea that presidential discussions can be secret so that advisors can speak candidly
john Tyler
vice-president who set precedent that VP's assume ALL pres powers when president dies
speaker of the house
who would become president if pres and VP are killed or incapacitated
executive order
A rule issued by the president that has the force of law; (example: an instruction to bureaucratic agency on how to implement congressional law)