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  1. Poor nutrition, usually from not eating a proper diet which can result in poor health
  2. An economic and political system in which property is owned collectively and labor is organized in a way that is supposed to benefit all people
  3. A man who led Cubans to gain independence from Spain
  4. The Caribbean Islands
  5. Man whom led a revolt and emerged as a new leader in Guatemala
  6. A Cuban holiday that celebrates the end of the harvest each year in July

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  1. Single-product economyAn economy that depends on just one product for the majority of its income


  2. DiversifyTo conduct business activities in a variety of industries


  3. Sugar CaneA plant from which sugar is made


  4. LadinoU.S based United Fruit Company that set up huge banana plantations.


  5. Fidel CastroA dynamic speaker has turned Cuba into a Communist government. He has been the leader of Cuba since the 1950's


  6. backstrap loomA 2000 year old device used for weaving by the Native Americans.