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14 The Psychoanalytic Approach

Moves anxiety- causing ideas from conscious awareness.
The use of self-deception to justify unacceptable behaviors or ideas.
Returning to the behavior that is characteristic of an earlier stage of development. Example:pouting and refusing to speak when your parent tell you your not allowed to go out with your friends.
When people see their own faults in others. Ex: A hostile person accuses other people of being hostile.
A transfer of an idea or impulse from a threatening or unsuitable object to a less threatening object.
reaction formation
Acting contrary to their genuine feelings in order to keep your true feelings hidden. Example: someone who is attracted to another person may keep the impulses out of their mind by being mean to that person.
When a person refuses to accept the reality of anything that is bad or upsetting. Example:ignoring the risks of lung cancer from smoking by saying "It can't happen to me."
When individuals can channel their basic impulses into socially acceptable behavior. Example: A hostile students may channel aggressive impulses into contact sports.