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  1. Cenozoic Era
  2. Genetically Modified Organism
  3. Biosphere
  4. Carrying Capactity
  5. Mesozoic Era
  1. a organism that has acquired one or more genes by artificial means
  2. b number of individuals that an environment can sustain
  3. c entire population of earth inhabited by life
  4. d recent animal, mammals, birds
  5. e middle animal, reptiles and dinosaurs, mammals at end

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  1. tested Oparin-Haldare Hypothesis and simulated conditions of early earth, found amino acids
  2. volcanic activity, lightning, UV radiation
  3. shallow zone where waters of estuary or ocean meet
  4. measure decay of radioactive isotopes
  5. physical barrier that prevents hybridization of species

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  1. Exotoxinspoisonous protein secreted by bacteria


  2. Genomic Librarytreatment for a disease in which the patient's defective gene is altered or provided for


  3. Charles Darwinenvt awareness, wrote "Silent Spring"


  4. Pangaeasupercontinent


  5. Earth formed...3.5 billion years ago