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  1. Habitat
  2. Gene Therapy
  3. DNA Profiling
  4. Natural Selection
  5. Gram Stain
  1. a treatment for a disease in which the patient's defective gene is altered or provided for
  2. b DNA printing
  3. c place where an organism lives
  4. d technique to identify the cell wall composition of bacteria
  5. e descent with modification, favorable traits in a population

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  1. living component of community (organism)
  2. volcanic activity, lightning, UV radiation
  3. river, lake, stream
  4. major changes over evolutionary time
  5. reproductive barrier that prevents hybrid zygotes from developing into adults

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  1. Stratawhere fossils form


  2. Populationgroup of individuals belonging to one species and living in the same area


  3. Stabilizing Selectionfavors intermediate phenotypes (middle)


  4. Gene Poolmaintain shape, physical protection, prevent hypotonic environment


  5. Coral Reefs degraded by...pollution, predators and human souvenir hunters