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  1. Adaptive Raditation
  2. Sexual Selection
  3. Vector
  4. Species
  5. Reproductive Isolation
  1. a existence of a biological factor that prevent species from reproduction
  2. b form of natural selection in which individuals with certain inherited characteristics are more likely than other individuals to obtain mates
  3. c piece of DNA used to move genes from one cell to another
  4. d second part of species binomial
  5. e period of evolutionary change in which groups of organisms form new species whose adaptations allow them to fill vacant roles in environment

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  1. recent animal, mammals, birds
  2. pollution, predators and human souvenir hunters
  3. marked differences between secondary sex characteristics of males and females
  4. inherited characteristic that enhances an organism's ability to survive and reproduce; behavioral, structural, biochemical, physiological
  5. harmless variant of pathogen used to stimulate host organism's immune system

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  1. Stabilizing Selectionselective breeding of domesticated plants and animals


  2. Genetic Engineeringmanipulate genes for practical purposes


  3. Endosporesstudy of whole sets and their interactions


  4. Pilihair like appendages


  5. Genomic Libraryset of DNA segments representing an organism's entire genome