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  1. Rachel Carson
  2. Flagella
  3. Dispersion Pattern
  4. Punctuated Equilibrium
  5. Estuaries
  1. a manner in which individuals of a population are spaced within their area
  2. b areas where rivers meet the ocean
  3. c in fossil record, species evolves in short bursts (Stephen Day Gould)
  4. d allow bacteria to move
  5. e envt awareness, wrote "Silent Spring"

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  1. form of natural selection in which individuals with certain inherited characteristics are more likely than other individuals to obtain mates
  2. used for diagnosis and treatment of disease
  3. treatment for a disease in which the patient's defective gene is altered or provided for
  4. physical barrier that prevents hybridization of species
  5. time scale that divides earth's history into time periods, grouped into Archean, Proterozoic and Phanerozoic Eons

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  1. Limiting Factorsliving component of community (organism)


  2. Pilihair like appendages


  3. Trangenic Organismsorganism that contains genes from another species


  4. Genetic Driftchange in the gene pool of a population due to chance


  5. Disrupting Selectionfavors intermediate phenotypes (middle)