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  1. Evolution
  2. Energy Sources in Early Atmosphere
  3. Cell Walls
  4. Endotoxins
  5. Pili
  1. a volcanic activity, lightning, UV radiation
  2. b hair like appendages
  3. c poisonous component released when bacteria dies
  4. d descent with modification
  5. e maintain shape, physical protection, prevent hypotonic environment

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  1. shallow zone where waters of estuary or ocean meet
  2. theory of evolution was natural selection
  3. water vapor and compounds from volcanic eruptions
  4. thick protective coat, dehydrate, tolerant of extreme heat/cold
  5. all organisms in one area along with abiotic factors

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  1. Cenozoic Eramiddle animal, reptiles and dinosaurs, mammals at end


  2. Homologysimilarity in characteristics from common ancestry


  3. Adaptationgroup of individuals belonging to one species and living in the same area


  4. Microevolutionmajor changes over evolutionary time


  5. DNA ProfilingDNA printing