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  1. Logistic Growth Model
  2. Energy Sources in Early Atmosphere
  3. Genetically Modified Organism
  4. Homology
  5. Cenozoic Era
  1. a volcanic activity, lightning, UV radiation
  2. b idealized population growth that is restricted by limiting factors
  3. c recent animal, mammals, birds
  4. d similarity in characteristics from common ancestry
  5. e organism that has acquired one or more genes by artificial means

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  1. descent with modification
  2. place where an organism lives
  3. set of DNA segments representing an organism's entire genome
  4. river, lake, stream
  5. existence of a biological factor that prevent species from reproduction

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  1. Genomicsstudy of whole sets and their interactions


  2. Mesozoic Eramiddle animal, reptiles and dinosaurs, mammals at end


  3. DNA ProfilingDNA printing


  4. Exponential Growth Modelrepresents idealized, unregulated population growth


  5. Speciessecond part of species binomial


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