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  1. Mesozoic Era
  2. Adaptation
  3. Stabilizing Selection
  4. Cell Walls
  5. Geologic Record
  1. a maintain shape, physical protection, prevent hypotonic environment
  2. b middle animal, reptiles and dinosaurs, mammals at end
  3. c inherited characteristic that enhances an organism's ability to survive and reproduce; behavioral, structural, biochemical, physiological
  4. d time scale that divides earth's history into time periods, grouped into Archean, Proterozoic and Phanerozoic Eons
  5. e favors intermediate phenotypes (middle)

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  1. set of DNA segments representing an organism's entire genome
  2. physical barrier that prevents hybridization of species
  3. technique to identify the cell wall composition of bacteria
  4. study of whole sets and their interactions
  5. treatment for a disease in which the patient's defective gene is altered or provided for

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  1. Adaptive Raditationperiod of evolutionary change in which groups of organisms form new species whose adaptations allow them to fill vacant roles in environment


  2. Terrestrial Biomesriver, lake, stream


  3. Evolutiondescent with modification


  4. Biological Species Conceptselective breeding of domesticated plants and animals


  5. Continental Driftslow, continuous movement of earth's crustal plates on the hot mantle


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