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Wahpeton Middle School Anne Frank Play

Mrs. Schulte
Clues or suggestions about events which will later occur in the play.
Describe the Secret Annex. Describe the layouts, rules and ways to survive.
Peter is upstairs, Mr. & Mrs. Van Dann have a room. Anne & Mr Dussel share a room, Mr. & Mrs. Frank and Margot share common room. Have to be quiet 8am-6pm; Can't speak aboove whisper; Can't not run water; No trash, burn all garbage. Survive beacuse of Miep & Mr. Kraler and ration books.
Major divisions of a play, similar to chapters in a book.
Describe the Hanukkah celebration. What did Anne give each person. What interrupted them and how did they survive the situation?
The Hanukkah celebration was a way to stay positive. Anne gave out gifts:Mr. Frank-scarf; Mrs. Frank-IOU;Margot-crossword puzzle; Mr. Dussel-ear plugs; Mr. VanDann-cigarettes; Mrs. VanDaan-shampoo; Peter-razor. A noise downstairs interrupts the party. Mr. Frank urges Anne to sing the Hanukkah song to bring spirits back up.
Three rooms and a small attic.
Secret Annex
Describe how Anne changes throughout the play. Why does Mr. Frank say "She puts me to shame" at the end of the play?
Anne becomes nicer and sweeter. Mr. Frank says Anne puts him to shame because she was such a good person and still thought there was good in people.
Divisions of acts - a new one of these indicates a change in the time or place of the action.
Describe some of Anne's internal and external conflicts in the play.
Anne's internal conflict is knowing she's being cruel to her mother, but can't seem to stop her behavior. Anne's external conflict is complaining that her mother does not treat her like a grown up. Also, when Anne shuts mother out when she has a nightmare.
Where do the other people think the Franks went?
Zurich, Switzerland
When did Anne die? (month & year)
March of 1945
When was Mr. Frank's camp liberated? (month & year)
January of 1945
Who was stealing food in the Secret Annex?
Mr. Van Daan
What did Mr. Van Daan teach Mr. Frank?
The language
Who is Carl and where did he come from?
Carl is a worker who asks for more money. He comes from Utrecht.
Where does Anne hope to visit one day?
Paris, France
What does Mr. Frank do for a business?
Import spices and herbs
Who does Mrs. Van Daan flirt with at the beginning of the play?
Mr. Frank
Who is Petronella?
Mrs. Van Daan
What is Mr. Dussel's allergy?
Fur bearing animals
A way of taking the audience back in time in order to recall events already past.
Message about life.
Instructions to actors, directors, and others working on a play. They appear in italics and help readers understand action, setting, characters' gestures, and tone of voice.
Stage Directions
Conversation between characters that develops plot, character, and theme.
A struggle within the character.
Internal Conflict
A struggle between a character and an outside force, such as nature, another character , or society
Extenal Conflict
A long speech delivered by one character-often contains ideas that are important in the play.
The two authors of the Diary of Anne Frank.
Frances Goodrich & Albert Hackett
Who is Putti?
Mr. Van Daan
Why couldn't Miep get to the secret Annex for 3 days?
Police surrounded the block.
How old is Peter when they enter the secret annex?
What does Anne do to deal with the tension of the Secret Annex? (3 things).
Anne writes in her diary, visits with Peter, and imagines being outside.
How many ration books do they have between the eight of them?
Who found Anne's diary in the Secret Annex?
Miep Gies
What year was Anne born?
What year did the Franks go into hiding?
Pick two characters and describe an internal conflict between them.
Anne/Mother - Anne's mother doesn't understand her.
Describe an external conflict in the play.
Peter/Father - fight over Mouschi; Mr. Van Daan/Mrs. Van Daan - open fights about coat & cigarettes; Anne/Mr. Dussel - nightmares; Mr. Van Daan - stealing
Pick a character in the play and list 2-3 characteristics of this person. Give examples of how these are demonstrated in the play.
"See pink sheet"
Explain how and which characters in the play develop in the theme of the play: "People are essentially good at heart".
Anne - giving gifts, helping with Mouschi; Miep & Mr. Kraler - helping them all, bring food; Mr. Frank - taking others in, helping to keep peace in the Annex.
List 3 restrictions the Nazis put on the Jews.
They had to wear yellow stars, turn in their bikes, couldn't go to Dutch school, no movies, no riding in automobiles or street cars.
Describe how Mr. Frank was a leader for those in the Secret Annex?
Mr. Frank made decisions, never panicked, and always thoughtful of everyone's safety.
What did Miep bring the residents of the Secret Annex on New Year's?
Spice Cake
What is Mr. Franks nickname?
Who gave Anne her diary?
Her dad, Mr. Frank
How old is Anne when she enters the Secret Annex?
What city does this play take place in?
Who is Dirk?
Dirk is Miep's fiance'.
Which person in the Secret Annex gets a cough?
What was Anne's dream about?
Green Police
What is the Star of David?
The symbol the Jews were forced the wear as identification. Represents the shield of David.
What is usually for supper in the Secret Annex?
What did Mr. Frank tell Anne that cannot be locked up?
Her mind.
Who is the leader of the Secret Annex?
Mr. Frank
What time do the people of the Secret Annex need to be quiet?
8am - 6pm
How many people stay in the secret Annex?
Who can't Anne talk about with her father?
Her mother, Mrs. Frank.
About how old is Miep at the beginning of the play?
What is Peter's cat's name?
What is Mrs. Van Daan's precious possession?
Her fur coat.
What are ration books?
Books that are used to allocate certain amount of food per person.
Who is not a practicing Jew?
Mr. Dussel
What did Anne call her diary?
Who does Anne share a room with in the Annex?
Mr. Dussel