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Praxis test A Notes (Voice)


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Medialization laryngoplasty
Procedure for unilateral vocal fold paralysis, contraindicated otherwide
T/F: Using a sing-song voice prolongs exposure to tissue vibration and increases risk of phonotraumatic lesions (techers/professional voice users)
Circumlaryngeal massage
Treatment method that can be utilized to effectively relax the laryngeal muscles and promote phonation in MTD
Head turn maneuvers
Maneuver used in hypofunctional vocal fold population such as paralysis
Straw phonation
What techinque promotes easy onset of phonation
Prominent arytenoid processes
What is associated with elderly vocal folds, and if they are found in an infant it is a red flag
Immature development of laryngeal cartilages, most common congenital disorder, results in stridor and respiratory distress
Loud sounds when breathing is called what?
Polypoid degeneration (Reinke's edema)
A voice condition caused by combination of vocal abuse and excessive smoking