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5th Grade Social St. Civil War Unit 2


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slavery-north vs south
South wanted slaves for farms and North didn't want slaves because they had factories
Uncle Tom's Cabin
It was a book about the life of a slave; it was writen by an abolitionist, h.b stowe
What ended the Civil War?
General Grant and Gen. Lee met at the Appomattox after Gen. Lee sent him a letter
What are abolitionists?
People who are against slavery
Why did the South need slavery?
cheap labor to work the farms and plantations
What started the Civil War?
The battle at Fort Sumter when the North sent guns to the fort in the south
John Brown's Raid
He wanted to start a rebellion and help end slavery.
Total War
Unrestricted war on people, land and property to win at any cost and defeat the enemy
march to Atlanta
Sherman took the Union Army down south; they burned Atlanta, train tracks, buildings and killed . It was a blood bath
Robert E . Lee
Commander (general) of the Confederate army
Genaral Shermen
Union general who burned Atlanta and marched though to Savanna
Who was Jefferson Davis?
He was president of the Confederacy
Who was Abraham Lincon?
Lincon was the president of the United States during the Civil War
North after the Civil War
Not a lot of re-building; mad at south and can't agree on how to reunify
South after the Civil War
Had to re-build because most battles had been fought in the south; Many cities burned or destroyed. The economy of the South was ruined.
3 causes of war
1.North could pay taxes and South could not afford to pay taxes. 2. slavery-state rights versus federal government 3. Ft. Sumter