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  1. Big Shrimps
  2. Sweet Rolls
  3. Another Dessert (Peanut and pine nut custard)
  4. Sea Mussels
  5. Cooked Chicken
  1. a Mustacei
  2. b Pullum Frontonianum
  3. c Aliter Dulcia
  4. d Scillas
  5. e In Mitulis

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  1. Alter Baedinam Sive Agninam Excaldatam
  2. Patina de Piris
  3. In Vitulinam Elixam
  4. Minutal Marinum
  5. Gustum de Praecocuis

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  1. Hard Boiled EggsIn Vitulinam Elixam


  2. Chicken with Liquid FillingOva Sfongia ex Lacte


  3. Souffle of Small FishesMinutal Marinum


  4. Homemade Dessert (Dates and simmered pine nuts)Dulcia Domestica


  5. Water and Honey MelonsFabaciae Virides et Baianae


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