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What color(s) is Jonas able to see?


How does Jonas see color?

He sees the color red in flashes

What is the first memory Jonas receives?

Jonas' first memory is sledding down a hill

What happened in the community as a result of going to "Sameness?"

Snow, hills, sunshine, and other patterns of weather were eliminiated

Can Jonas change a memory once it's given to him?

No, Jonas may recall a memory (bring it back to his consciousness) but he may not alter the memory.

What does Jonas call his mentor?

He calls him The Giver now.

What problem is Gabriel still having?

He wakes up during the night and fusses (cries). He does not yet sleep soundly through the night.

What does Jonas' ability to "See Beyond" mean?

Seeing beyond is Jonas' ability to see colors and aspects of items that others in his community cannot see.

Where do The Giver's memories come from?

The Giver has memories from previous generations as well as memories of events outside of the community.

What colors do the citizens of the community see?

The citizens are only able to see in shades of gray and white

What action does Jonas take after he receives the memory of the elephant from The Giver?

Jonas tries to transmit the memory to his sister Lily, but ends up hurting her by putting his hands on her too roughly.

What events occur in the memory of the elephant Jonas receives?

The elephant is poached and mourned by another elephant

Why does The Giver say it's difficult to be a part of a family with his job?

It's difficult because he cant' tell anyone about his job, he has to keep the books hidden from other citizens and his family, and he can only share the memories with the Receiver-in-Training

Describe how Jonas transmits a memory to Gabriel

Jonas at first accidentally transmits a memory of sailing on a lake to Gabriel by putting his hands on him while he was thinking of the memory himself. After he realizes what he's done, Jonas intentionally continues to transmit the memory to Gabriel in hopes of helping him to sleep soundly through the night.

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