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Why is color used in the Use of Force Model (UFM)?
It Enhances our role and understanding of the model.
You attempt to convince a solicitor in the base housing area to leave, which is met with verbal and physical resistance. The solicitor lunges forward and violently attempts to take your weapon shouting, "I'll kill you." What subject action level in the Use of Force Model is used?
Assaultive (serious bodily harm/death).
What are the mechanical, physical or mental resources you have to promote or gain compliance called?
What is a situation in would you not be authorized to use deadly force?
Keep someone from breaking into a house
You should respond to an actual incident where you can reasonably expect to encounter an armed adversary with your M-4 rifle at "port arms," a round in the chamber, safety selector on what?
"SAFE," and the fingr not in the trigger guard
You should respond to an actual incident with your M9 pistol where you can reasonably expect to encounter an armed adversary with your M9 in its holster, with the flap open...
sentry lock disengaged and hood rotated forward, shooting hand on the pistol grip, hammer not cocked, and finger not in the trigger guard.
What is the first command given to the driver and occupants when conducting a vehicle challenge?
Place their hands on the headliner of the interior roof and leave them there until told to do otherwise.
You prevent a suspect from stepping through the handcuffs by what?
Looping the cuffs through the belt below the small of the back.
For quickness, when conducting a search of an individual it should be what?
Systematic and thorough.
What type of search is best suited for high-risk situations or multiple apprehensions?
In which portion of the Use of Force Model phase can you expect to use Physical Apprehension and Restraint Techniques (PART)?
Resistant (passive)
To use the chest grab technique when being pushed/grabbed, you must quickly "trap" the suspect's hand by grabbing the suspect's arm...
below the elbow, your palms down, thumbs down, and trapping the suspect's hand on your chest.
The second step in overcoming a rear grab hold is to immediately make a fist, flex your arms...
out slightly, crouch down, and look at the suspect's feet.
What are teh two most important factors to remember when approaching a suspect to make an apprehension?
Your position and your attitude
Where should the assisting Security Forces member stand to help from a position of advantage?
To one side
What must you evaluate before apprehending a suspect?
Attitude and physical condition of suspect.
What is the first thing you would do to apply the IKKYO grip properly?
Grab the back of the usspect's right hand with your hand palm down (or the suspects left with your left)
To prevent injury when applying the IKKYO takedown, keep the suspect's arm what?
parallel to the ground
The expandable baton is a unique tool for law enforcement because it provides what?
An emotional and physical deterrent to aggression
During which portion of the Use of Force Model can you expect to use the baton?
Assaultive (bodily harm)
The three principle target areas, for using the baton on a suspect are what?
Arms, Legs, and Knees.
What type of weapon is the baton primarily used as?
Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) pepper spray is a pressurized hand-held weapon that is considered what?
What portion, of the Use of Force Model that a subject's actions are located within, can you expect to use approved electronic control devices?
Resistant (active)
Grid coordinates are identified by the grid squares. to get a refined grid coordinate, divide the grid square into what?
After a nuclear accident, which organization has the initial response base responsibility?
Nearest military installation
Who is responsible for assuming overall command and control at a nuclear weapon accident?
Disaster control group
What is the cordon size of an accidnent involving biological agents?
2000 feet upwind and crosswind
What should you do if someone from the news media asks you questions about an aircraft accident?
Do not answer and then refer them to public affairs personnel.
What should you do if someone takes photographs of classified material at an off-base accident site after you tell them not to take photographs?
Contact a civilian law enforcement officer to retrieve the film
One of the primary Air Force goals in dealing with high-risk situations is to what?
Prevent or minimize loss of life and property.
What is used as the principle method to peacefully resolve high-risk situatoins?
Trained negotiators
Who is responsible for providing hte initial response to incidents?
Security Forces Personnel
Who is allowed inside the inner perimeter you established at a high-risk scene?
Negotiation teams
A base entry point check is...
An Examination
At least how many security forces members should be present when conducting entry point checks?
What must you do if illegal contraband is discovered while conducting an entry point check?
Stop the check immediately and apprehend/detain individual.
What determines the manner in which you search a vehicle during an entry point check?
Object size
How should you conduct a simple search of a vehicle?
Thoroughly and systematically
Which search method is normally used for large outdoor areas?
Strip and Grid
While on patrol you hear cries for help from a building. What action can you take?
Enter to prevent injury or damage
When you arrive at a crime scene, what is your objective?
Keep the scene in its original state
When should you begin taking crime scene notes?
As soon as dispatched
What should you do if you move evidence prematurely from its original position when securing the scene?
Record its original position in your notes
What is a basic rule if you photograph crime scenes when audio-visual personnel are not available?
Photograph all evidence before anything is moved or touched
What type of evidence indirectly involves a person in an offense?
What document establishes the rules of evidence?
Manual for Courts Martial (MCM)
What federal law requires you to save all field notes, rough drafts and statements?
Jencks Act
An item of evidence is considered fragile if what?
Conditions exist that could destroy the evidential value
How is abuse defined as it relates to family violence?
Physical injury or emotional disturbance
Which type of child abuse is the most difficult to identify?
Emotional maltreatment
Between how many seconds, before knocking, should you stop and listen at the door of a domestic violence situation before knocking?
What is the first action you take in a domestic violence situation if no one answers the door after you knock and it appears quiet?
Contact BDOC to verify the address
Who must be notified of incidents of child or spouse abuse?
Family Advocacy Officer
You responded to a dispute and determined it was verbal how?
Because a physical assault has not occurred.
Integrated defense forces vary depending on the theater, may include whom but do not include whom?
Included: Joint Services, Coalition Partners, Host Nations
Not-included: Friendly forces
Capabilities-based integrated defense is a fundamental battle competency for whom?
All Airmen
Which system affords the highest level of protection for nuclear weapons?
Protection Level
Which is an example of a weapons systems protection level 1 resource?
Command, control, communications, and computers (C4) systems of active nuclear missions
What is a function of the nuclear weapon augmentation force if a weapon augmentation force if a weapon has been taken?
To assist in recapture and recovery operations
You will apply specific security principles to a close-in security area that contains what?
Nuclear weapons
What type of demarcatoin do fences serve when used to secure area boundaries?
Legal and physical
How close to firm ground must the fence fabric extend in a restricted area?
2 inches
What type effect does restricted area lighting have in deterring intruders?
Which type of lighting is a low illuminating light used in nuclear restricted areas?
Very near infrared
How many feet apart would you display restricted area signs along restricted area boundaries?
100 feet
In the stages of alarm protection, motion detection is also called what?
volumetric or space
Which detection stage of alarm protection provides response forces with the least amount of warning?
What community policing philosphy helps improve the overall quality of life in a neighborhood?
Greater community voice in setting police priorities
The success of any community policing program depends on what?
The extent to which the program meets the community's needs
What purpose does physical protection surveys in preventing crime?
Educate personnel about the steps they can take to protect themselves and their property.
What is the main purpose of traffic enforcement?
Enforce the traffic code
During a traffic stop, how far from the violator's vehicle do you position your vehicle?
10-12 feet to the rear and three feet to the left
How should you position your vehicle at the scene of an accident?
To protect the scene and injured persons while not creating a traffic hazard
When directing traffic on a one-way street, it is best for you to stand where?
off to the side of the road
Verbal commands are seldom used when directing traffic for all of the following reasons.
Motorists will start shouting back, Hand and arm signals are sufficient, they are sometimes difficult to understand.
Terminate a walk and turn field sobrity test when a suspect does what?
Steps off the line three or more times
What is the minimum number of clues a suspect must exhibit on the one-leg stand field sobriety test to indicate a blood alcohol content (BAC) of at least .08?
You may administer a horizontal-gaze nystagmus (HGN) field sobriety test on a suspect. HGN is when the eyes do what?
Involuntarily Jerk
What is the minimum number of clues a suspect must exhibit on the hor9izontal-gaze nystagmus (HGN) field sobriety test to indicate a blood alcohol content (BAC) of at least .08?
It is important that you receive official certification of your qualifications and training standards when training on speed measuring devices so the evidence is admissible where?
In a civilian and military court
Results of chemical tests for alcohol or drug content are valid if it is administered by whom?
A Qualified personnel
What is your first step when writing a report once the incident is over?
Gathering the facts
Give an example of using active voice in a report?
Sgt Smith struck Amn Jones.
What rule applies, in the Summary Reporting System, under number of premises entered, if several dwelling units under a single manager are burglarized and the manager reports it to police?
What is not an allowable type of apprehension/detention code on the AF Form 3545, Incident Report?
One use of the narrative page of AF Form 3545, Incident Report, is designed for what?
Continuing any section of the form
If you use the question and answer technique with a suspect on the AF Form, 1168, Statement of Suspect/Witness/Complaint, have...
the person giving the statement initial after each question and answer.
The chain-of-custody for an item of evidence on the AF Form 52, Evidence Tag, is initialled by whom?
The person who obtained or collected the property
How many calendar days is a completed AF Form 1109, Visitor Register Log maintained?
DD Form 1408, Armed Forces Traffic Ticket, is issued to someone who does what?
Commits a moving or nonmoving traffic offense.
Who can authorize a search of people and property for evidence of a crime?
Commander having control over the area or person or property to be searched
What must you do if during a search, the individual withdraws a previous consent to search?
Stop the search immediately
Which section of the DD Form 1920, Alcohol Incident Report, do you annotate the behind the wheel screening?
Section II, Initial Contact
Where would you annotate, on DD Form 1920, Alcohol Incident Report, the results of a suspect's blood alcohol chemical test?
Section III, Standard Field Sobriety Testing
How many copies of the DD Form 2708, Receipt for Inmate or Detained Person, should you prepare and where are the copies kept?
Two; the case file and the person receiving custody
What happens to the original copy of AF Form 75, Visitor/Vehicle Pass, once you have completed it?
Given to the individual
Who is the only person authorized to void the DD Form 1805, United States District court Violation Notice?
Chief, Security forces (CSF)
Who is responsible to ensure personnel are SFMIS trained?
Chief, Security Forces
In addition to analyzing law enforcement statistics, the Security forces Management Information System also analyzed threat...