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:It helps you change directions quickly and efficiently. Agility helps you maneuver around an opponent on the field, avoid a pothole when riding your bike, and turn to hit a tennis ball or catch a baseball.
It helps you remain upright no matter what obstacles or uncertainties you encounter. Balance helps you stay on the balance beam, stay on a horse when it runs down a trail, stay on your surfboard, keep upright on skis, avoid falling on rollerblades, and stay on your feet when bumped by an opponent.
Reaction time allows you to use information from all your senses and make fast decisions about how and where to move your body. Reaction time helps you quickly grab your little sister as she starts to fall, start to run as soon as you hear the starting gun in track, avoid getting hit in dodgeball, and judge where the serve will land in volleyball or tennis.
It allows you to move quickly while exerting the maximum force of your muscles. Power helps you jump at the net and spike the volleyball, push your way through other players to advance the football, swing a baseball bat to send the ball flying, push off the starting block in swimming, and lift heavy items into the trunk of your car.
It helps you move your body or parts of your body quickly. Speed helps you quickly move down the court for a layup, make a fast wrestling move to pin your opponent, run home before you're tagged out, and move your hands quickly for tennis or racquetball.
It helps you use the senses together with various body parts during movement. Coordination helps you dribble a basketball, skate and pass the hockey puck, juggle three tennis balls, or dance on beat.
Fitness products can be of tremendous personal benefit, but it just depends on the equipment and programs used. Understanding how a product works and what it can do for you is important when making a purchase. Advertising claims can be truthful and untruthful.

Most businesses are legitimately trying to help their customers have a good experience with their purchases. Some businesses try to deceive you through their advertisements. Most governments regulate advertising fraud and blatant false advertising. Even though laws govern against fraud, the people committing fraud are not always known about by law enforcement, so you must be aware when making purchases.

Advertisers frame information to make a product appealing, but some go too far. Scammers sell ineffective or harmful products and services, so it is important to know that scammers are out there. This type of deception can cost consumers large sums of money; but when it comes to wellness and fitness products, it can sometimes cost you your health.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has some tips to spot a rip-off. Think twice before spending money on:

Items that claim scientific breakthroughs without credits given to medical schools, journals, or hospitals; if it was a miracle cure you would hear it in the mainstream news.
Health care products that claim to be effective for a large variety of ailments; one product that does it all just doesn't exist.
Products that seem too good to be true; personal success stories can easily be made up with no proof of the person's claim.
Health care products that claim to be "All-Natural" - poisonous plants can kill, and hidden ingredients may be inside.
Items that seem like a quick fix; catchy phrases and fancy wording are no substitute for real treatment and management - diseases and conditions take time to treat.
If you have been scammed, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), report a problem to the FDA, or contact your state or local consumer protection agency.