Corrections Ch 15 Quiz- Juveniles

How long has the juvenile justice system been established?
they began in the colonial period and continued english practices
What is the definition of a Juvenile Delinquent?
minors who violate the law
What is the definition of a Status Offender?
those youth who have not broken the law, but have committed acts forbidden for underage children
What was the medieval english doctrine called and what did it do?
Parens Patriae. It sanctioned the right of the crown to intervene in natural family relations whenever a child's welfare was threatened
The treatment that has provided for the juveniles in the public v. an institutional context is known as what?
community treatment
What type of facilities would restrict the movement of juvenile residents by way of staff monitoring, locked exits, and interior fence control is known as?
institutional treatment facilities
The primary form of community treatment used by the juvenile justice system is known as?
What are the duties of a juvenile officer?
counseling, casework services, collect data, diagnostic recommendations, work with law enforcement, direct volunteer aides, reports, work with families, specialized services, probation revocation and termination
What type of program would allow a youth offender to live at home while receiving services in public?
nonresidential community treatments
The number of females in the juvenile system is?
Both adult and juvenile systems deal with what similar things?
police officers use discretion, Miranda, pretrial facilities, courts use proof beyond a reasonable doubt, plea bargaining, probation, residential programs, institutional facilities, boot camps, supervision after release, consist of three basic subsystems and interrelated agencies, basic vocab is the same, need to "get tough", excessive caseloads and institutional overcrowding, underfunding and high staff turnover
Probation and other forms of treatment for juvenile offender emphasize?
treatment without incarceration
Is probation ever revoked for juveniles and why?
it can be, for violating
Nonsecure residences that provide counseling for juvenile offenders are?
group homes
Programs that attempt to improve the self-confidence of youths are called what?
intensive aftercare program