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10 terms

Cloud Identification

Derived from a Latin, the word meaning "heap," an appropriate description, especially when these clouds develop into towering ________________ clouds. They can produce lots of rain, hail, lightning and even tornadoes due to their turbulent nature.
These lower altitude clouds form layers sometimes thick and dark, spread out horizontally AND covering large areas. These have the ability to produce rain and snow
A ______________ cloud is an extensive sheet of relatively SHALLOW, low clouds whose base has organized patterns rounded shapes. Some rain or snow is possible.
A ____________ cloud is a cloud with a flat base AND a heaping puffy top.
A ________________ cloud is a LOW, DARK GRAY, PRECIPITATING cloud that typically produces steady precipitation over large areas.
An _____________ cloud is a MIDDLE cloud that forms when ripples AND rolls develop in layers or puffs.
An ____________ cloud is a flat layered cloud, typically comprised of WATER DROPS, which form at MIDDLE LEVELS of the troposphere (above 6,500 feet yet below 23,000 feet).
A _____ cloud is an ice, HIGH cloud that appears in thin, white patches. They often develop when ripples OR rolls.
A ____________ cloud is a layered, thin cloud made of ICE CRYSTALS that often cover the ENTIRE SKY and sometimes produces a HALO
A ________ cloud is a thin, wispy HIGH cloud, usually above 5500 m (18,000 ft), made of ICE CRYSTALS.