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22 terms

Wheelock's Latin Ch. 38

arbor, arboris
(f) tree
dignitas, dignitatis
(f) merit, prestige, dignity
dolor, doloris
(m) pain, grief
odium, odii
(n) hatred
opus, operis
(n) a work, task; deed, accomplishment
oratio, orationis
(f) speech
pes, pedis
(m) lower leg, foot
sator, satoris
(m) sower, planter; begetter, father; founder
firmus, firma, firmum
(adj) firm, strong; reliable
infirmus, infirma, infirmum
(adj) not strong, weak, feeble
mirabilis, mirabile
(adj) remarkable, amazing, wonderous
pristinus, pristina, pristinum
(adj) ancient; former, previous
sublimis, sublime
(adj) elevated, lofty; heroic, noble
(conj w/ ind. or subj verb) even if
(prep + acc) toward
(adv) with pleasure
impedio, impedire, impedivi, impeditum
to impede, hinder, prevent
metuo, metuere, metui
to fear, dread; be afraid for (+ dat)
queror, queri, questus sum
to complain, lament (querulous)
recognosco, recognoscere, recognovi, recognitum
to recognize, recollect
suspendo, suspendere, suspendi, suspensum
to suspend; interrupt
vendo, vendere, vendidi, venditum
to sell