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first question
second question
come and do it with me
third question
fourth question
fifth question
Matthew 28:19-20
gospel of matthew (audience/purpose)
jews/to prove Jesus is Messiah Eternal King
gospel of mark (audience/purpose)
christans in rome/to present works, teachings of Jesus
gospel of luke (audience/purpose)
theophilus (Roman)/to present an accurate account of life of christ and to present christ as the perfect man of god
gospel of john (audience/purpose)
new christans and those who are searching to no about Jesus/to prove that jesus is son of god and only way to eternal life
pharisses believe?
heaven and hell reward and punishment and angels
sadducees believe?
did not believe in heaven or hell reward or punishment or angels
what were scribes?
experts in the law
hight of greek culture
gospel in four phrases (include scripture refrence)
1) God's Love 2) Man's Sin 3) Christ takes our place 4) man's choice
why is acts important?
the books of acts bridges gospel and life of jesus with churches of new testament
acts sect. 1
pentacost/peter and it focuses on the church in jerusalem/steven was the first marytr
acts sect. 2
persecution/the gospel spreads to judea and samaria/the conversion of saul
acts sect. 3
gospel spreads to the rest of the world/paul's first journey/the concil of jerusalem/paul's second journey/paul's third journey/paul's fourth journey