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usually go
If I have some time off, I ______________ to a café and read a book.
would go
If I had more time after work, I ______________ to the cinema every day.
If I _____________ to Japan this year, I would eat ramen every day.
If I ___________ you, I would not press that button.
If I come home early, my dog ___________ always happy.
would be
If I could afford a Ferrari, I ______________ very happy.
will eat
If I'm hungry later, I ___________ a pizza.
Every evening, if my father comes home early from work, we __________ together.
would not eat
I _____________________ that salad if I were you. It looks like it's off.
would not be
If my English skills were perfect, I _____________ at PC.
don't finish
If you _______________ your homework early, we will not go to the cinema.
Unless you ______________________ your homework early, we will not go to the cinema.
If my father ______________ working early, he plays tennis with his friends.
If I ______________ my homework early, I would go to the mall with my friends. Unfortunately, I don't think I will.
will be
If the students pass the final exam, they __________ very happy.
If the students don't pass the final exam, they will ______________ sad.
If I ______________ harder , maybe I could score 80% in the test.
would think
If that student passed with a 100% score, teachers __________ that he cheated.
would be able to
If I had 10 million dollars, I ________________ buy a Ferrari.
If you ____________ a snake at home, I would not visit you.
will get
If you keep smoking 60 cigarettes a day, you ___________ lung cancer.
My leg is broken. I can't stand unless you __________________ me.
don't help
My leg is broken. I can't stand if you ___________________ me.
If money __________ on trees, everybody would be happy.
If I _____________ a beard, I will be sexier.
If the rainy season brings enough rain, rice usually _______________ in big quantities.
will grow
If it's not too hot next season, I _______________ tomatoes in my backyard.
If you ________ four pizzas, you would get sick.
If I ______________ out who stole my wallet, I will punch them in the face.
If scientists ______________ a vaccine against cancer, it would be one of the most important medical discoveries of all times.
will go
If I have some free time next week, I _______________ to the cinema.
If he ____________ all that chocolate every day, he will get fat.