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Dividing services provided into separate codes when a single code is available

Which of the following is an example of unethical or illegal coding?


The transformation of verbal descriptions of diseases, injuries, and procedures into numbers is called

services and procedures

Two coding systems are used by physicians' offices. One is for diagnoses and the other is for


Physicians' Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) is revised

5 digits

Basic CPT codes use

professional component

Add-on modifier -26 indicates the

emergency department services

Codes 99281 through 99285 refer to

give a more accurate description

In some billing cases it is necessary to add a 2 digit modifier in order to

American Medical Association

CPT codes, descriptions and two digit modifiers are copyrighted by the

keep from transposing numbers

When transferring codes to claim forms be careful to


Unbundling, exploding, or a la carte coding are

add the sum of lengths and report one code

If multiple lacerations are repaired under the same classification and in the same group of anatomic parts a billing and coding specialist should

surgical team

Modifier code -66 indicates

multiple modifiers

Modifier code -99 indicates

Cause of the wound

Which of the following is NOT needed when coding a laceration repair?


the modifier for a repeat procedure by the same physician is

convert medical descriptions into 5 digit codes

The purpose of CPT is to


The CPT coding system is used by all of the following EXCEPT

American Medical Association

The CPT coding system was developed by the

new code

In the CPT manual, a round bullet symbol indicates a

revised description

A triangle symbol in the CPT manual indicates a

In Appendix B

In the CPT manual, where is a complete summary of additions, deletions and revisions located?

Integumentary system

Which of the following is NOT one of the sections in the CPT manual?

add on or indented codes

There are two types of CPT codes: stand-alone and

lesser important procedures

In CPT coding, the words following the semicolon may indicate all of the following EXCEPT

third party payers

CPT surgical packages are used only by

General anesthesia

Which of the following is NOT included in the CPT surgery package?


Which of the following indicates a co-surgeon?


When using CPT codes to indicate an unlisted procedure, the last digit will usually be a

written medical report

Claims including codes for an unusual, new, seldom performed or unlisted procedure should include a

procedure or services
organ or anatomic site
condition, synonyms, eponym, or abbreviation

In the CPT index, main terms are listed by


At the beginning of the CPT index are

must refer to the main text

Even if only one code is listed for the desired procedure in the index of the CPT manual, the user


The CPT manual is divided into how many sections?

patient status

The Evaluation and Management section is organized by type of service, place of service, and

counseling and coordination of care

The key components of documentation that support level of E/M codes include the following EXCEPT

medical decision making

Components of a medical history include all of the following EXCEPT

level of complexity

A key component in coding medical decision-making is

counseling exceeds 50% of the time spent

Physician counseling is considered a key component for selecting the level of code assignment for Evaluation and Management services only when

in minutes starting with 30-74 minutes

Critical care is coded

ventilator management is included

In a case requiring critical care coding,


A code indicating a vaginal delivery only, not including obstetric care, is

not paid by third party payers

Physician telephone calls are usually

require vast documentation and are typically not paid by third party payers

Care Plan Oversight Services for hospice and homebound patients

Labor leading to childbirth

Which of the following conditions would not require critical care?

anatomical site

Anesthesia codes are divided by

patient's status at the time of anesthesia

For anesthesia coding purposes, physical status modifiers are used to indicate

Both anesthesia guidelines and medicine

Where in the CPT manual are codes for anesthesia provided under difficult circumstances?


Which section of the CPT manual is the largest?

global surgical package

When one fee is used for a surgical procedure and uncomplicated follow-up care, this is called a(n)


Surgeries which are prolonged or extremely difficult are coded with the modifier


A code used to indicate that a physician assisted the primary surgeon in a major procedure is


The following are subsections of the surgery section of the CPT manual EXCEPT

the physician report

For coding purposes, information about the size of a lesion should come from

recipient site and defect

Free skin grafts are coded by

coded separately

For a breast biopsy, the placement of a wire marker is

site and treatment

Fractures are coded by

select the code that reflects the farthest extent of the procedure

To code diagnostic endoscopy procedures


Code groupings for arteries and veins vary according to


Codes for the digestive system are arranged by site, beginning with the mouth and ending with the

a diagnostic endoscopy

A surgical endoscopy always includes

identify the site from which it originated

When coding ostomies, it is critical to

not coded separately

When an exploratory laparotomy is used to surgical approach for another procedure, it is

by anatomic site of hernia

In the CPT index, hernia codes are listed

fallopian tubes

The code for a total hysterectomy includes removal of the

by anatomic site and type of procedure

Codes for the nervous system subsection of the CPT manual are divided

unilateral or bilateral orientation

When coding spinal procedures, consider all of the following EXCEPT

use a modifier to indicate the professional component

If a radiologist is reading films taken at another facility

surgery section

When contrast material is injected by a radiologist, the injection procedure code is taken from the

by anatomic site

Codes in the Diagnostic Radiology subsection are arranged

age of the patient

When coding radiation oncology, consider all of the following EXCEPT

brand names for lab equipment

Considerations when coding urinalysis and chemistry laboratory procedures include all of the following EXCEPT

a tooth

Level I pathology code 88300 identifies specimens that normally do not need to be viewed under a microscope such as

separate from initial care

If a physician spends 50 minutes with a patient after he or she has been admitted for a suicide attempt in connection with depression, the psychotherapy coding would be


The major factor for coding psychiatry is


The Physical Medicine codes are indications of types of modalities and

coded first

When coding trauma cases, the most severe injury is


The code for a simple drainage of a finger abscess is


the appropriate code for an indirect laryngoscopy with removal of foreign body is


The code for the complicated removal of a subcutaneous foreign body of the foot is


The code for a percutaneous needle core breast biopsy (without imaging) is


The appropriate code for a gastro code for a gastrojejunostomy without vagotomy is


The code for a complex arthrotomy of the knee (lateral) with meniscectomy is


The range of codes for newborn care is


The code for Subsequent Hospital Care which indicates physician visits for a patient in stable condition is


Which Emergency Department Services code indicates a need for immediate attention without the presence of a life-threatening condition?


The code for harvesting a small boat graft when the graft is not already listed as a part of the procedure is


The code for a simple repair of a superficial scalp wound not exceeding 2.5 cm in length is


The code for repair of a flexor tendon of the leg is


The preoperative placement of a needle localization wire in the breast is coded


If an arthroplasty is performed for reasons of a fractured ankle, it is coded


Which code describes a surgical thoracoscopy with excision-plication of bullae as well as pleural procedures?


The code for a coronary artery bypass graft using three arterial grafts is


The code for a partial colectomy with anastomosis is


Which code describes a laparoscopic vaginal hysterectomy with the removal of the ovaries?


The CPT that appropriately describes a set of obstetric laboratory tests for the first obstetric visit is


The highest level of pathology coding which would include examination of neoplastic tissue or very involved specimen is


Which code indicates an immunization for tetanus toxoid?


If a therapeutic infusion is introduced for up to 1 hour, which code is used?


A hemodialysis procedure requiring repeated evaluations would be coded as

ophthalmological services

Codes 92002 to 92014 deal with


Prosthetic training for the initial session of 15 minutes would be coded as

97750 X 2

A physical performance test or measurement that lasts 30 minutes and includes a written report is coded as


The proper code for a radiological exam of the eye for detection of a foreign body is


An x-ray of the gastrointestinal tract with a small bowel follow-through is coded


A bone density study by computerized tomography is coded as


Testicular imaging for vascular flow is coded as


An antibody test (nonspecific type) for herpes simplex virus is coded as


A cholera vaccination for the product only is coded as


The code for ordinary replacement of contact lens is

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