Market Leader Adv Unit 1


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pep talk
a short speech intended to encourage someone to work harder, win a game etc
keynote speech
the most important speech at a large meeting
deliberately unfriendly
to fire questions at somebody
to ask someone a lot of questions quickly, often in order to criticize them
to rehearse
to practise something that you plan to say to someone
visual aid
something such as a map, picture, or film that helps people understand, learn, or remember information
to adjust
to make small changes to something in order to correct or improve it
the way in which someone speaks in public
to pave the way for something
to make something possible by producing the right conditions
not suitable or right for a particular purpose or in a particular situation
to adhere to something
to continue to behave according to particular rule, agreement, or belief
when you become involved with someone or something
to take something for granted
to believe that something is true without making sure
able to understand other people's feelings and problems
reasonable, practical, and showing good judgment
something that you think is true although you have no definite proof