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Vocab, terms, and people from WEX chapter 13

Locarno agreements

a series of treaties. Settles Germany's borders with France, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, and Poland.

Kellogg-Briand Pact

agreement signed by almost all of the independent countries of the world- outlawed war


rebel forces who wanted an independent ireland

Commonwealth of nations

when britian gave independence to canada, australia, new zealand, and south africa they were dominions under this

Leon Blum

a socialist leader, his government failed. tried to solve labor problems.

Maginot line

border in france that tried to help protect it's borders from germany

New deal

introduced by f.d.r......massive package of economic and social programs. eased some suffering of great depression.

general strike

many different industries strike at the same time

Marie Curie

Woman who experimented with radioactivity and got Nobel peace prize for it

T.S Eliot

english poet wrote the Waste Land

Virginia Woolf

British novelist who used stream of consciousness

James Joyce

irish Writer who used stream of consciousness


art that used basic shapes to represent a scene


a revolt against civilization. wanted to show bourgeois the chaos.


architecture design of blending science and technology with design. little ornamentation

stream of consciousness

when authors wrote what characters thought as they thought it


young woman in 1920s who was untraditional

Black shirts

combat squads - secret police of mussolini. Violent

Il Duce

Nickname of mussolini. means the leader

Mein Kampf

Book written by hitler while in prison - means my struggle - holy book of nazi ideology

Dawes Plan

united states economic help to europe. helped reduce reparations germany had to pay.

Third Reich

Germany under Hitler's rule.


hitler's secret police.

nuremberg Laws

hitler's rules that placed severe restrictions on the jews.


the night when hitler and the nazis attacked all things jewish. Night of broken glass

Nicholas Horthy

overthrew a communist led government

Joseph Pilsudski

dictator of poland

concentration camp

Detention centers for people who were against the state

Frank Lloyd Wright

An American architect that said that the building should look what it was used for


german word for strong leader


was racist, extreme nationalism, anti-semitism

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