Nursing 2 Week 1 Fall 2017 Basic Human Needs: Psych Security from S. Coffman

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An interaction between two people in which input from both participants contributes to a climate of healing, growth promotion, and/or illness prevention.
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Which psychiatric nursing role is the most important?counselorTherapeutic relationships are goal oriented. T or FtrueThe ability to use one's personality consciously and in full awareness in an attempt to establish relatedness and to structure nursing intervention is calledtherapeutic use of selfWhat must a nurse have in order to appropriately use the use of self in a therapeutic manner?self-awareness self-understandingAn idea that one holds to be true, and it can take any of several forms.beliefIdeas for which objective evidence exists to substantiate their truthrational beliefsIdeas that an individual holds as true despite the existence of objective contradictory evidence.irrational beliefsWhat is an example of an irrational belief?delusionsAn ideal that an individual holds as true for which no objective evidence (blind beliefs)A socially shared belief that describes a concept in an oversimplified or undifferentiated matter.stereotypeA frame of reference around which an individual organizes knowledge about his or her world.attitudeAbstract standards, positive or negative, that represent an individual's ideal mode of conduct and ideal goals.valuesHow do values differ from attitudes and beliefs?They are action oriented or action producingWhen does a belief become a value?when it is acted onAn example of this relationship is a significant other.intimateFriendship is an example of this relationship.socialIn therapeutic relationship, what does the nurse do?Maximizes her skills to understand the patient.Which relationship is limited in duration?therapeuticCommunication is always purposeful in which relationship?therapeuticWhich relationship is indefinite in duration?socialCommunication is one's own choosing in which relationship?socialThere is a responsibility to stay and help/assist in which relationship?therapeuticFocus is on the patient's needs in which relationship?therapeuticOne is free to help and get involved or keep distance in which relationship?socialJudgments based on data and knowledge in which relationship?therapeuticDecisions are made based on own needs in which relationship?socialWhat is the Johari Window used for?to increase self-awarenessThe Johari window that represents the part of the self that is public; the person is aware and so are others.the open or public selfThe Johari window that represents the part of self that is known to others but remains hidden from the awareness of the mind.the unknowing self or blind spotsThe Johari window that represents the part of self that is known to the individual, but which the individual deliberately and consciously conceals from others.private or hidden selfThe Johari window that represents the part of the self that is unknown to both the individual and others.unknown or unconscious selfWhich Johari window are trying to make bigger?The open or public self___ implies special feelings on the part of both the client and the nurse based on acceptance, warmth friendliness, common interest, a sense of trust, and a nonjudgmental attitude.rapportTo ___, one must feel confidence in that person's presence, reliability, integrity, veracity, and sincere desire to provide assistance when requested.trustTo believe in the dignity and worth of an individual regardless of his or her unacceptable behavior is calledrespectThe nurse's ability to be open, honest, and real in interactions with the client.genuinenessWhen one is genuine, there is ____ between what is felt and what is being expressed.congruenceThe ability to see beyond outward behavior and to understand the situation from the client's point of view.empathyWith ___, the nurse accurately perceives or understands what the client is feeling and encourages the client to explore these feelings.empathyWith ____, the nurse actually shares what the client is feeling and experiences a need to alleviate distress.sympathy____ implies taking on the other's needs and problems as if they were your own and becoming emotionally involved to the point of losing your objectivity.sympathyWhat are the 4 phases of a therapeutic nurse-client relationship?pre-interaction phase the orientation phase working phase termination phaseIn which therapeutic nurse-client phase does the nurse explore self-perceptions and get info from patient's chart, family members, etc?preinteraction phaseCreate trusting environment, gather assessment data, establish contract for intervention. Client may feel worse as problems are identified during this phase. Which therapeutic nurse-client phase is this?introductory phase (orientation)Formulate nursing diagnoses, set mutually agreeable goals, develop plan of action. Which therapeutic nurse-client phase is this?introductory phaseDuring which therapeutic nurse-client phase, do we work to help promote client change?workingGoals may have been reached, patient may have been discharged. Can be a difficult phase and the main task is to bring a therapeutic conclusion to the relationship.termination phaseOccurs when the client unconsciously displaces to the nurse feelings formed toward a person from his or her past.transferenceThe nurse's behavioral and emotional response to the client.countertransferenceThese boundaries are physical property that can be seen, such as fences that border land.material boundariesThese boundaries are established within a culture and define how individuals are expected to behave in social situations.socialThese are boundaries that individuals define for themselves.personalThese boundaries limit and outline expectations for appropriate professional relationships with clients.professionalSelf-disclosure may be therapeutically beneficial to the client if the information the nurse discloses is relevant to the situation. T or FtrueCan we accept gifts from patients?depends on the gift and in most cases we shouldn't but if we do, share it with other staff members who also helped with patientCan there be a boundary with caring touch in a nurse-client relationship.Yes, some cultures do not like this. Also, patients with anxiety and/or paranoia do not like being touchedPromoting the client's insight and perception of reality is part of the orientation phase. T or Ffalse. It's part of the working phase