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post nasal drip tx
chlorpheniramine or pseudophed
aspiration pneumonia tx
clindamycin or amox-clav for broad spectrum
ventilator pneumonia tx
clindamycin, cipro (covers pseudomonas), carbapenem - broad
CAP tx
vanc + ceftriaxone
abx treatment for inpatient pneumonia (non-ICU)
fluoroquinolone OR
ceftriaxone + azithromycin (beta lactam + macrolide)

other beta lactam choice could be amp/sulbactam and add doxy or azithro
abx in copd exacerbation
long term O2 in COPD patients with what 3 criteria
1. polycythemia
2. R heart failure
3. PaO2 < 55 or SaO2 < 88
hemoptysis, pleuritic pain, PE, hamptom hump
pulmonary infarction
PE treatment in someone with GFR less than 30
unfractionated heparin
outpatient pneumonia treatment
azitrho or doxy (think atypical)
arsenic poisoning tx
glove and stocking neuropathy
hypo/hyper pigment
mees lines
wood, insecticides
retinal artery occlusion tx
oxygen and ocular massage to dislodge embolus from eye
tinea versicolor tx
selenium sulfide, terbinafine, ketoconazole
lone star tick tx
doxy - confusion, flu-like, no rash, thrombocytopenia, leukopenia
closed angle glaucoma tx
pilocarpine, timolol, mannitol, ACETAZOLAMIDE to reduce ICP
ventricular tachycardia treatment
stable: rhythm control with amiodarone, lidocaine, procainamide

unstable: synchronized cardioversion
paroxysmal SVT treatment
adenosine, carotid massage
transient AV block and slow vent rate
sinus bradycardia treatment
IV atropine bolus (anti-para)
transcutaneous pacing if no response
complete heart block tx
pacemaker/transcutaneous pacing
premature atrial complex tx
modify smoking, caffeine, alcohol
b blocker only if tachy
pvc treatment
none if no symptoms; b blocker if symptomatic
AVNRT or PSVT treatment
carotid massage, valsalva, cold water immersion and adenosine all slow AV node

cardiovert if unstable
inferior wall MI - EKG and artery involved
ST in II, III, avF
ST depression and large R waves in v1 and v2
posterior MI - RCA