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one way
a wait
long, more than 4 hours
greyhound bus
C1 a vehicle or aircraft that travels regularly between two places:
To get across town, you can take the shuttle from Times Square to Grand Central.
The American (space) shuttle was able to be used many times to put payloads in space
going from one house or building in an area to another:
He was a door-to-door salesman before he became an actor.
(n) C2 the place where a person or thing is:
Trupin is thought to be in the Caribbean, although his exact whereabouts are/is a mystery.
B1 expected to happen, arrive, etc. at a particular time:
What time is the next bus due?
The next meeting is due to be held in three months' time.
Their first baby is due in January.
bear in mind
to remember a piece of information when you are making a decision or thinking about a matter:
Bearing in mind how young she is, I thought she did really well.
grab a coffee
The sale of goods or commodities in small quantities directly to consumers
chuỗi a set of connected or related things:
She has built up a chain of 180 bookshops across the country.
His resignation was followed by a remarkable chain of events.
C1 used to show how good a restaurant, hotel, etc. is
Ex: The cheaper two-star hotels are also within the range of the budget traveller.
- a measurement of quality, usually in numbers from one to five with one being the lowest:
A three-star hotel is better than a two-star.
fully occupied for all or part of the day
=do every day of the week
kick off
C1 If a game of football kicks off, it starts:
What time does the game kick off?
= areas of the sites
no noise
expected to be quiet
take out
= to arrange to get something from a company, bank, etc.được nhận, được cấp, được phát(bằng, giấy phép, giấy đăng kí...)
I'm going to take out a life insurance policy.
He had to take out a loan to pay his taxes.
= Insurance
C1 uk us coverage [ U ] financial protection so that you get money if something bad happens: tiền bảo chứng, bảo hiểm
I've got £20,000 worth of cover for the contents of my house.
Do you have cover for accidental damage?
(adj) high-quality products or services are very good, well-made, etc.:
Consumers are trading up from stores' own brands to high-quality garments.
(adj) relaxed, not worrying about anything:
Me, I'm feeling pretty chilled.
the idea that freedom of thought and action for each person is the most important quality of a society, rather than shared effort and responsibility
come down to st
to have a particular thing as the most important matter:
It all comes down to money in the end.
C1 [ C ] a useful or valuable quality, skill, or person:
He'll be a great asset to the team.
Her eyes are her best asset (= most attractive feature).
Knowledge of languages is a real asset in this sort of work.
in/out of fashion
If something is in fashion, it is popular and approved of at a particular time. If it is out of fashion, it is not popular or approved of.
That sort of house is back in fashion.
Marriage seems to be going out of fashion.
can take the lead in a situation
= potential leader
sự phù hợp, sự thích hợp, sự tuân theo
behaviour that follows the usual standards that are expected by a group or society:
It's depressing how much conformity there is in such young children.

also conformance the process of a product being made as it was designed, without mistakes or faults:
Our goal is to improve conformity with customer requirements.
conformity to specification
new employees
break the mould
to be new and different:
Their approach to sports teaching broke the mould.
think independently
think for themselves
problem solver
solve problem
obey the system
do as they're told
(n) encourage, sự khuyến khích, động viên
(adj) được đánh giá cao. If something or someone is overrated, that person or thing is considered to be better or more important than they really are:
In my opinion, she's a hugely overrated singer.
get around
to find a way of dealing with or avoiding a problem:
The committee is looking for ways to get around the funding problem.
right at the beginning
B2 If a piece of work or problem is tricky, it is difficult to deal with and needs careful attention or skill:
It's tricky to learn to ride a skateboard, but you never forget how.
I'm in a tricky situation - whatever I do I'll offend someone.
employee satisfaction
staff needs.
increased amounts of
=high levels of stress
=stress, pressure
hội nghị chuyên đề
B2 [ C usually plural ] a mark or line of marks left on the ground or on another surface by an animal, person, or vehicle that has moved over it, showing the direction they moved in:
Police found tyre tr
/əbˈzɜːv/ look at
adj ​ /ˌdɪs.rɪˈspekt.fəl/
disrespect, disrespectfully
C1 lack of respect:
a disrespect for authority
no disrespect to sb

used before you criticize someone in order not to sound rude:
No disrespect to Julie, but this department worked perfectly well before she started here.
/ˈfrædʒ.aɪl/ US ​ /ˈfrædʒ.əl/

C2 easily damaged, broken, or harmed:
Be careful with that vase - it's very fragile.
(adj) C2 complete and in the original state:
The church was destroyed in the bombing but the altar survived intact.

C2 not damaged:
It's difficult to emerge from such a scandal with your reputation still intact.
/hɪˈroʊ.ɪks/ mainly disapproving

dangerous or silly actions that are only done to make other people admire you:
I was in no mood for heroics after my fall and skied very slowly down the mountainside.
C1 very brave or great:
a heroic act/deed

C1 informal If you make a heroic attempt or effort to do something, you try very hard to do it:
Despite Roz's heroic efforts to liven it up, the party was a disaster.
go the extra mile for
nỗ lực nhiều hơn nữa để đạt được thứ gì đó, để giúp ai đó
to make more effort than is expected of you:
He's a nice guy, always ready to go the extra mile for his friends.

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