Georgia 5th Grade Social Studies People

Abraham Lincoln
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William McKinleyPresident of the United States during the Spanish American WarTheodore RooseveltPresident of the United States who decided to build the Panama CanalLouis ArmstrongJazz trumpeter during the Harlem RenaissanceBabe RuthFamous baseball playerHenry FordUsed the moving assembly line to build cars fasterCharles LindberghFirst person to fly solo across the atlanticHerbert HooverPresident of the United States when the Stock Market CrashedFranklin RooseveltPresident of the United States, elected to 4 terms, came up with the New Deal, got us involved in WWIIDuke EllingtonJazz pianist during the Harlem RenaissanceMargaret MitchellWrote "Gone with the Wind"Jesse OwensTrack star during the 1936 Olympics in BerlinJoseph StalinLeader of the Soviet Union during WWIIWinston ChurchillLeader of Great Britain during WWIIHirohitoEmperor of Japan during WWIIHarry TrumanPresident of the United States at end of WWII, decided to drop the atomic bombBenito MussoliniLeader of Italy during WWIIAdolf HitlerLeader of Germany during WWIIJoseph McCarthyAmerican Senator who accused people of being communist without proofNikita KhrushchevLeader of the Soviet Union during the Cold WarThurgood MarshallLawyer who represented the families during Brown vs. The Board of Education, first African-American Supreme Court justiceRosa ParksRefused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery Alabama. Kicked off the Bus BoycottMartin Luther King, Jr.Leader of the Civil Rights movement, gave a famous "I have a dream speech" at the March on WashingtonJohn F. KennedyPresident of the United States during the Cold War and Civil Rights, youngest president elected to office, assassinated in Dallas, TexasRobert F. KennedyPresidential Candidate assassinated in CaliforniaLangston HughesAfrican-American poet during the Harlem Renaissance