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  1. Emphasizes internal conflicts, motives & unconcious forces
  2. A: allows prediction
    D: correlation does not mean causation
  3. Person thinks they have something that helps, they trick their minds into believing the "sugar pill" actually works
  4. A: shows cause/effect
    D: extraneous variables
  5. Describe, understand, predict, control
  6. Sometimes have the same behavior as humans, discover things that might help humans

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  1. Psuedo-psychologyScientific study of human and animal behavior


  2. Ethical guidelinesDeception
    Invasion of privacy
    Lasting harm
    Becoming a subject
    Animal research
    Gender bias
    Barnum effect


  3. HumanismPeople are good by nature, strive to reach full potential
    Rogers, Maslow


  4. StructuralismAnalyzing sensation & personal experience into basic elements


  5. LongitudinalA: same variable over long time, accurate
    D: takes years... experimenters might not live the length of the research


  6. Covert/overt behaviorA: allows prediction
    D: correlation does not mean causation