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une souris

a mouse

la dentelle


la chapelle

the chapel

se laver

to wash (oneself)

se dépêcher

to hurry

le sous-sol

the basement


to go down, to come down

la fente

the slot


to go up, to come back up

un jeton

a token


to work, to function, to walk

une pièce

a coin

une carte

a card

une télécarte

magnetic telephone card

le décalage horaire

time difference

faire plaisir

to please


happy, delighted

faire la connaissance de

to meet someone

faire attention

to pay attention

mal finir

to end badly, to come to a bad end

un infarctus

a heart attack


to catch a glimpse of

le beaujolais

wine from the Beaujolais region

le jambon


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