27 terms

Size of my Favorite Tumor

What object is relatively the same size of Jimmy's Tumor?
Who does Jimmy first approach in the dance club?
Suzy Boyd
What does the officer first accuse Jimmy of doing?
Failing to make a proper signal for a turn a few blocks back
What is the equation for survival?
Anger times imagination
What does Jimmy forget after the first argument?
Who does Jimmy hitchike with to the dance club?
Who is Jimmy's second favorite cousin?
Where does Jimmy want to be put on display?
The baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown
How many tumors does Jimmy imagine are inside of him?
What names does Jimmy want Norma to call her?
Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, or Hank Aaron
What is Jimmy's answer to Raymond's question about what tribe Norma is?
Who is Jimmy Many Horses wife?
Where do all Indians go during tough times?
Powwow Tavern
Fill in the blank: _____________, she was always afraid; she wasn't afraid
How many pennies does Jimmy give the officer?
two hundred
what does Jimmy give the officer?
four twenties, a ten, eight dollar bills, and two hundred pennies in a sandwich bag
Where did Norma live when she left Jimmy?
What relationship did Norma claim her sex buddy had with her?
What does the clock inJimmy's hospital room look like?
Somebody laughing
What is the name of Jimmy's caretaker in the hospital?
Dr. Adams
What does Raymond joke about that Norma fears?
Who becomes Victor's best friend in the 6th grade?
Who does the author want the reader to imagine invented the atom bomb?
Crazy Horse
What year does the author want the reader to imagine the atom bomb was invented in?
How many braids does Norma have when Jimmy sees Norma for the last time?
Where does the author want the reader to imagine the atom bomb was detonated
Washington D.C.
How long did Norma have nightmares for after she let a guy die in her lap?
One year