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  1. What is Jimmy's answer to Raymond's question about what tribe Norma is?
  2. How many tumors does Jimmy imagine are inside of him?
  3. How long did Norma have nightmares for after she let a guy die in her lap?
  4. What does the clock inJimmy's hospital room look like?
  5. Who does Jimmy hitchike with to the dance club?
  1. a Simon
  2. b 755
  3. c Somebody laughing
  4. d One year
  5. e Amazon

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  1. four twenties, a ten, eight dollar bills, and two hundred pennies in a sandwich bag
  2. two
  3. Powwow Tavern
  4. Randy
  5. Death

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  1. What is the name of Jimmy's caretaker in the hospital?Somebody laughing


  2. Where does the author want the reader to imagine the atom bomb was detonated1876


  3. Who does Jimmy first approach in the dance club?Suzy Boyd


  4. Where did Norma live when she left Jimmy?Arlee


  5. How many pennies does Jimmy give the officer?two hundred