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POL 102 Test #2 Review

linkage groups
provide alternative channel or linkage between public and government.
EX: political parties and interest groups
Political Party
seeks to influence policy by electing candidates and giving them a label.
3 Aspects of Political Parties
1.In the electorate
2. As an organization
3. As leaders of government
How is the party in the electorate weak?
because of the growth of independents
How is the party as an organization weak?
they are unable to control primary elections
How is the party as leaders in government weak?
revolts against leaders.
What is important about Party organization in the U.S.?
There is no single organization model throughout the U.S.
What happens at a National Convention?
1. Choose Presidential Nominee
2. Approve VP nominee
3. Adopt Party Platform and rules for next convention
Why is the National Convention important?
Key point of contact between state and national organizations
What should a strong party look like?
they recruit, finance, and organize campaigns Leaders dominate over followers and anyone lower than them. THEY ARE LOYAL TO THE PARTY
Why does the U.S. have weak parties?
1)broad membership, not idealogical
2)structure of government
3)structure of electoral system
4)party leaders don't have rewards or punishments for people
5)anti-party attitudes
Describe Broad Membership as a weakness of U.S. parties
not idealogical. not exclusionary. parties overlap on most issues.
Describe Structure of Government as a weakness of U.S. parties
federalism and separation of powers
division of responsibilities between national and local government. causes conflicts of interest.
separation of powers
division of responsibilities within each level of government. causes different opinions from each branch.
Describe the structure of the electoral system as a weakness of U.S. parties
more electable officials than any other country at all different times of the year. No unity for the party.
Federalist Papers #10
warned against evils of factions
Who are more likely to join an Interest Group?
Upper Class people
Types of Interest Groups
Institutional and Membership
Groups in which members are other groups, NOT PEOPLE. ex. Chamber of Commerce
Members are people. Ex. NAACP and MADD
Problem with Institutional
need quasiunanimity to act (pretty much majority)
Problem with Membership
sense of pleasure or companionship in meeting in small groups
feeling satisfaction from seeing group goal achieved.
Collective Material
money or valuables available to all people
Selective Material
money or valuables available ONLY TO GROUP.
free rider problem
why should I join if I can collect benefits for free?
Solution to free rider problem
emphasize solidarity, selective benefits, or require membership by law.