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Invisible Hyperlink

Hotspots, invisible buttons, areas of the slide that when clicked take the viewer to another slide in the presentation or a website. Make it easier to create classroom games and quizzes

Action Button

PowerPoint feature used to create hyperlinks, slide show>action buttons

How to put pictures on a Movie Maker storyboard

Download and drag.


The feature of Movie Maker used to display the feature of clips


Shortcut key used to view slideshow

Active Inspire Flipchart

Promethean feature

Video Transitions

Controls how your movie plays from one clip to another

Video Effects

Determines how your video clip, picture, or title displays in your project.

Titles and Credits

Lets you enhance your movie by adding text-based information

Thumbnails View

In this view you can view the title and bitmap image of each clip


The feature of Movie Maker used to display the timing of clips

Magic Ink

Active inspire tool used to reveal pictures or text in the middle layer of a project.


Editing text

A circle, a line, and magic ink make what?

A magnifying glass

Magnifiers need to be on which layer of a flipchart?

Top layer


Mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer, speakers.


Allows you to work with rows and columns of numbers and use formulas to do calculations.

You should save your document

Every five minutes


Function Wizard


Vertical lines of information and are identified by letters along the top of the spreadsheet.


Horizontal lines of information that are numbered on the left hand side of the Excel workbook.

What major group in PowerPoint has a button to allow you to add a background?


Which of these web sites is the least reliable site to find information on a state?

Which of these web sites is the most reliable site to find information on a state?

Where do you go to find a brochure to use for your menu on THESE computers? (Montford computers)

Microsoft Templates

Certain types of brochures have their formatting ruined when saved as a Microsoft Word 2007 document. Which is the best way to fix this problem?

Save the brochure in compatibility mode

What website is Arrange-A - Room on?

Which is the best way to get around Arrange -A-Room's objects limits?

Don't add outer walls

What small hand held device is used to move the cursor around the screen?

A mouse

For correcting keyboarding, what is the recommended placement of fingers on the home row keys?

Left hand: A-S-D-F; right Hand: J-K-L-;

Word processor would most likely be used on Word Processor?

Type a bibliography

What is a picture that can be placed into a document?

Clip art

Where would you find Word Art?

Insert text

There are 3 places you should save your work?

File Locker, technology Folder, My Documents

What do you select to find bullets to make a list?


How are misspelled words shown on a document?

Red squiggly lines

How would you change the orientation of a page?

Page layout

What is another word for total?


The high powered tool used for presenting information in a dynamic slide show is?

Power Point

How are grammatical errors identified in Microsoft Word?

Underlined in green

The use of the internet or other electronic means to stalk someone.

Cyber stalking


When someone breaks into a computer system and obtains access and control over a system he or she is not permitted to.

Intellectual Property Laws

Almost every song you hear and movie or TV show you watch is protected under the law.

Methods hackers use for attacks

Worm; Trojans Horses; Viruses; Denial of Service


Saves the active document with its current file name, location and format.


Bold- Formats selected text; make text bold, or remove bold formatting.


Prints the active file, also gives the opportunity to change print options.


Selects all the text and graphics in the active window.


Italic-Formats selected text; make text italic or remove italic.


Single space lines.

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