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Name the 6 tasks MM allows you to run in order to generate billing?

Pt billing, pt statement, insurance billing wk sheet, regular insurance biling, electronic claims

Why would you run an insurance billing work sheet?

Last opportunity to fix mistakes before you bill it out

The health insurance claim form should be what?

accurate and neat

Why do medical office bill the pt's insurances?

so the collection rate is better and the office recieves the funds directly

What are the 3 methods used to post payments?

procedure entry, payment posting, patient check out

When doyou use procedure entry?

Use it when the pt is checking out - enter diagnosis and procedure, enter those charege, pt payment on bill

when do you use the payment entry screen?

payment is the mail, electronic paymt, refund or adjustment

Explain what each thrid of the payment entry screen is used for? TOP

Open items and list of procedures

Explain what each thrid of the payment entry screen is used for? MIDDLE

Type and source of pymt

Explain what each thrid of the payment entry screen is used for? BOTTOM

Allocate the pymt

What does the apostrophe following the insurance plan number indicate?

It tell me they have two insurance, that you are to bill 1st and secondary insurance companies

How does a negative adjustment affect the pt's account?

It increase the pt's account balance

If a pt's deducible needs to be met, how or when will the insuance pay?

The insurance will pay their portion minus the deduction

Is it allowed to waive a pt's deductible?


What function is used when posting an overpayment?

Unapplied credit function for overpayment

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