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put off
postpone, delay
let down
to disappoint someone (often by breaking a promise or an agreement)
get over
overcome something;
recover from an illness, problem or broken heart
pick up
to acquire by study or experience : learn
give up
quit or stop doing something
cut down on
reduce the amount of something
take after
to look or be like an older relative.
drop off
take someone somewhere and leave them there
pick up
to get or bring someone or something from somewhere
think over
to think about carefully before making a decision
look up
search for something specific (a phone number, an address,
count on
to trust or rely on someone
see through
to understand the truth about someone or something and not be deceived or tricked
settle down
become settled or established and stable in one's residence or life style
see off
Go to an airport,station, etc, to watch someone leave
do up
to repair or decorate; to improve the condition and appearance of a place
come across
to find or meet by chance
get around
move from place to place
go for it
just do it
use up
to use the entire supply of something
make up
to invent, sometimes with the purpose of deception
stop off
stop during a journey to do something.
look into
investigate, get more information
dawn on
Suddenly realize something for first time
work yourself up
allow yourself to become upset over something
get by
manage to survive / live

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