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Computer Hardware and Software

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A computer gives you the advantage of producing work quickly and accurately. Computer systems serve a wide range of functions in businesses. Computers have made businesses more efficient by enabling the automation of business processes. For example, large supermarkets use online inventory management software to store and manage data. These businesses use computers to plan shop floor activities and carry out financial transactions. They also use computers to allocate work to employees and maintain records. Large corporations use computers to plan and budget operations. Some companies use computers to plan market strategies and advertise their products. They also conduct online surveys to determine the latest market trends. In organizations, you can communicate with coworkers through email or web chat. You can also send multimedia content, text, and graphics as email attachments.
Healthcare businesses use computers to conduct research and invent products. Doctors use computer networks to communicate with other healthcare professionals. Networks also help such professionals share information about new inventions and medical conditions. Hospitals use computers to automate their administrative operations, billing, and accounting. Doctors use computers to maintain medical records, perform surgeries, and monitor patients. For example, doctors use monitoring systems to continually track a patient's blood pressure. They also use these automated systems to monitor the heart rate and other vital signs. Many life-support devices, such as hearing aids and pacemakers, are computer-based devices.