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Which medical term means "condition of no sperm"?


Which term means "surgical crushing of a stone"?


Which term means "surgical repair of the bladder"?


Which term means "enlarged kidney"?


Which term means "renal pelvis inflammation"?

levels of electrolytes in the body, the amount of water in the body, pH level

In homeostasis, the urinary system regulates:

adrenal gland

Which of the following is NOT an organ of the genitourinary system?


Urine is produced by the:


Which term means "condition of difficult urination"?

renal pelvis

Which structure empties urine into the ureter?


Spermatogenesis occurs in the


After spermatogenesis, sperm are stored in the:

the epididymis to the urethra

The vas deferens connects:


Urine enters the bladder via the:

Sperm travels to the seminal vesicle for storage.

Which of the following statements regarding the testes is NOT true?

It is not a true gland.

Which of the following statements regarding the prostate gland is NOT true?

It contains one quarter the normal number of chromosomes.

Which of the following statements regarding sperm is NOT true?

It is a precancerous tumor.

Which of the following statements regarding benign prostatic hypertrophy is NOT true?

Ureter, bladder, kidney, D) All are common sites for calculus formation.

Which of the following organs is NOT a common site for calculus formation?

prostate gland

A digital rectal exam (DRE) tests for an enlarged:


Cancer of the ________ is commonly seen in young men or boys.


A semen analysis examines sperm for all of the following EXCEPT:

sexually transmitted disease

Which of the following was previously referred to as "venereal disease?"

It occurs in only one testicle, never two.

Which of the following statements regarding an undescended testicle is NOT true?

prostate gland

A transurethral resection is a surgical procedure on which organ(s)?

genital herpes

Which of the following sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is viral?

The cysts are reduced by hemodialysis.

Which of the following statements regarding polycystic kidney disease is NOT true?

renal failure

The inability of the kidneys to filter wastes and produce urine is called:


Which surgical procedure is used to treat cryptorchism?


Which surgical procedure removes the prepuce?

prostate specific antigen

Which of the following is a blood test for prostate cancer?


A varicocele occurs in the ________ veins.

prostate gland

BPH is enlargement of the:


Which condition affects the renal pelvis?


A patient with nephrolithiasis is suffering from:


Which term refers to frequent nighttime urination?


Which term refers to frequent urination?

blood urea nitrogen

Which clinical laboratory test measures the amount of nitrogenous waste in the blood?

culture ans sensitivity, urinalysis

Which clinical laboratory test can identify an infection?

Intravenous pyelogram

________ involves taking x-rays of the kidney as it filters out a dye injected into the bloodstream.

Voiding cystourethrography

________ visualizes the bladder with x-ray after placing dye directly into the bladder.


Extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL) uses ________ to treat kidney stones.


Which therapeutic measure uses an artificial kidney machine?

peritoneal dialysis

Which therapeutic measure is used to treat renal failure?


The female reproductive organ that produces ova is the:


Inside the uterus, the fetus floats in ________ fluid.

They are also called the ovarian tubes.

Which of the following statements regarding the fallopian tubes is NOT true?


Which suffix refers to the number of times a pregnancy has successfully ended with the birth of an infant?


A(n) ________ abortion is also called a miscarriage.

abruptio placentae

Which of the following is an emergency condition that occurs when the placenta tears away from the uterine wall before birth?

D&C is a common treatment.

Which of the following statements regarding cervical cancer is NOT true?

chorionic villus biopsy and amniocentesis

Which of the following is performed in order to do a genetic analysis?

earlier than

A chorionic villus biopsy may be performed ________ amniocentesis.


An ectopic pregnancy may occur in all the following locations EXCEPT the:

endometrial tissue

In endometriosis, ________ appears throughout the abdominopelvic cavity.


An abnormal passageway between two structures is called a(n):

The fertilized eggs return to the fallopian tube.

Which of the following statements regarding in vitro fertilization is NOT true?

pelvic inflammatory disease

Scarring from what condition may interfere with fertility?

pelvic inflammatory disease

Which of the following is typically an acute bacterial infection?


A premature infant is born prior to the completion of ________ weeks of gestation.

fallopian tube

Which organ does NOT frequently develop cancerous tumors?

placenta previa

Which of the following conditions occurs when the placenta forms over the mouth of the cervix, blocking the birth canal?

cesarean section

Which surgical procedure delivers a baby through an abdominal incision?

therapeutic abortion

Which type of abortion is done for a medical reason?


Which organ is NOT removed during a TAH-BS?

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