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FA 601 Drawing: Light, shadow, and value


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shading (noun/verb)
meaning: adding shadow to make something look 3D
value (noun)
meaning: how dark or light something is
cast shadow (noun)
#7; meaning: the shadow that is not on the subject
highlight (noun)
#2; meaning: the lightest part of the subject
core shadow (noun)
C; meaning: the darkest part of the shadow
reflected light (noun)
#5; meaning: the light that reflects onto the subject
chiaroscuro (noun)
meaning: the light and shadow that makes something look 3D
value scale (noun)
meaning: the steps from light to dark
blend/blending (verb)
meaning: use your pencil or a tool to make the value changes softer
soft edge (noun)
meaning: the line is not clean, a form shadow has this
hard edge (noun)
meaning: the line is very clean, a cast shadow has this
crest shadow
The shadow on the dark side of an object.
local value
The natural value of objects free from the dramatic effects of light and shadow