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alisphenoid bone
Anterior to the squamosal and posterior to the frontal and orbiosphenoid, found in orbit
alisphenoid canal
Anterior to foramen magnum*
auditory bulla
Bone in the base of the skull in front of foramen magnum
"basio-": base, foundation
Relating to the body of the sphenoid bone
"basio-": base, foundation
external auditory meatus
the opening of the exernal auditory canal of the outer ear
foramen magnum
opening of the occipital bone through which the spinal cord passes
Forehead bone
infraorbital foramen
Provides passage for the infraorbital artery, vein, and nerve. Lit translation is "hole under the eye".
Part of zygomatic arch that attaches to maxilla bone
This bone forms part of the medial wall of the orbit, lit translation: "pertaining to tears". In life, this bone would bear the tear ducts.
mandibular fossa
The depression in the temporal bone into which the condyle of the mandible fits
The upper jaw bone
nasal bone
An elongated rectangular bone that forms the bridge of the nose
occipital bone
Bone that protrudes at the base of the skull
occipital condyle
Ridges on left and right of foramen magnum
Eye socket
palatal (incisive) foramen
Opening in hard palate behind incisor teeth.
Bone that forms the hard palate and parts of the nose and orbits
Top of head
paroccipital process
postorbital process
The projection of the frontal that marks the posterior margin of the orbit
premaxilla, palatal branch
The front portion of the maxillary bone
premaxilla, nasal branch
The front portion of the maxillary bone
Ridge line in center of skull under vomer along axial line.
The wings of the sphenoid bone. Lit means: "wing like".
sagittal crest
Bony projection on top of the cranium for attachment of chewing muscles
Between temporal and parietal bones
temporal fossa
Area superior and deep to zygomatic arch
temporal ridge
V-shaped ridge superior to frontal.
Forms the inferior portion of the nasal septum
zygomatic process of squamosal
The posterior end of the zygomatic arch
zygomatic process of maxilla
Meets zygomatic bone, forms part of inferior orbital rim and orbital floor
angular process
A strong projection or prominence from the bottom-ish end of the mandibular structure.
coronoid process
mandibular condyle
On the end of the mandible and articulates with the zygomatic process
masseteric fossa
Slight indentations in the lower jaw - cheek bones
Main part of the lower jaw
An extension of the lower jaw bone making an angle with the rest of the structure.