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One last time by Gary Soto


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What does Gary Soto dream of buying his mother?
A copper teapot.
What does Soto thing about when his is bored at work?
pool, baseball, and girls
What does Gary Soto like more, picking grapes or chopping cotton?
chopping cotton
Is the highlighted word used correctly. True if it is used correctly, False if it isn't used correctly.

Someone who rambles on about a subject gets right to that point.
Having two appointments at the same time might be called a predicament.
.Most people feel irate on their birthdays.
If you drop something on the floor, you can stoop to pick it up.
Soto showed thoughtfulness toward others when he
handed the first sandwich to his mother
What did Soto buy with the money he earned in the fields?
clothing for school
From the author's perspective, one advantage of chopping cotton was that he
earned money by the hour
What do the sensory details in this excerpt tell you about Soto's brother?
"His eyes were meshed red and his long hippie hair was flecked with dust and gnats and bits of leaves.
how his hair looked
Sota decided to pick grapes "one last time" because
he had not found another job
Soto's first experience working in the fields involved
picking grapes
You can tell that Soto at first has a positive perspective about work when he says that he
would end the family's misery with his wages
What did Soto do that shows you that he began to realize the price of things?
stopped imagining a new copper teapot
What sensory details does Soto use to describe his poverty as a young man?
how his clothes looked
Soto decided that chopping cotton was "too good" because he
made more money in a day than he had ever made before

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