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The difference between a topic and a subject is that ____

a topic is a specific aspect of a subject

Selecting a topic should involve the following consideration

the level of knowledge of the average audience member

Which of the following people is an expert on Affirmative Action

a lawyer who works primarily on discrimination including Affrimative action

A specific speech goal ____

states the response you want from your audience as a result of the speech

Which of the following statements about the use of quotations is accurate

Your speech should credit the source of the quotation.

Which of the following would be the best wording of the specific goal for a speaker who wants to support the implementation of a tax cut?

I want the audience to believe that the United States should implement a tax cut.

Calvin is giving a speech in his public speaking class. He wants to know if his audience members (his classmates) smoke or not. However, he does not want to ask them if they do because he wants his speech topic to be a surprise and he's unsure if they'll answer honestly. Calvin could discover this information by __

informally observing them

Which of the following instances is an example of using primary resources?

Jeffrey reports data from the survey he conducted for his speech.

When preparing the notes for your speech, you should ____

prepare note cards that include your quotes and sources

If you had several related ideas for a speech topic and wanted to explore the connections between them, you could ___

create a concept map

The attention-getter should be the ____

opening statement

If a speaker tells a humorous story as part of the introduction, its value to the speaker's effectiveness would be judged on whether it ____

related to the content of the speech

If, for a speech on space exploration, you discussed the role of scientists, the role of government, and the role of the public, you would be using a basic speech pattern known as ____

topic order

Which of the following is NOT a method of organizing the main points of a speech?

alphabetical order

A conclusion that describes the behavior or actions you want your audience members to assume after they have heard the arguments uses a technique called

an appeal

A commencement speaker starts her speech by saying, "When I was a student at this university, I anxiously anticipated the day I would sit where each of you are sitting. I studied hard, made many friends, and participated in many campus activities as I anticipated graduation." Her statement is an example of ____

a personal reference

Transitions ____

act like a tour guide, leading the audience through the speech

A speech on how to build a deck for a backyard would likely follow a ___

time order

A speaker who discusses a moon flight with main points of the blast-off, leaving the earth's atmosphere, in-space flight, orbiting the moon, and the descent to the lunar surface is using a method called ____

time order

Asking a question is a technique used to ____

get your listeners thinking about an idea

One way of building an audience's perception of your trustworthiness is to

make sure to present both sides of an issue and to emphasize sincerity

Harrison wants to show a human brain for his speech, but using an actual brain is impractical, difficult to obtain, and a biohazard. The most similar alternative is

a model

____ is the level of trust the audience has in a speaker.


If you wanted to show the amount of money spent on defense for six different countries, which type of visual aid would probably be best?

a bar graph

____ is the extent to which you project a pleasing demeanor


When designing a PowerPoint presentation you should ___

use a font that is easy to read

Aileen is giving a speech about homelessness. If she wanted to adapt her speech in terms of proximity she could ____

narrow her speech to talk about homelessness in the city in which most of her audience members live

Whiteboard and chalkboards are unique from the other performance aids discussed in the chapter because

you can make them during the speech

Speakers who come from different ethnic and language groups than members of their audience can (and should) do many things to adapt; however, they do not necessarily need to ____

dress differently

If you wanted to show the way a university budget was distributed, which type of visual aid would probably be best?

a pie graph

Speaking with no changes in pitch or rate is described as speaking

in a monotone

Visualization involves picturing

yourself giving a great speech

During your speech practices, you should work to create a sense of spontaneity and


When a person accents the wrong syllable in a word, the problem is called

an error in pronunciation

Varying your pitch means ____

talking higher at times, lower at others

A good guideline for use of visual aids in a speech is

use visual aids only if they contribute greatly to the audience's understanding

Critical analysis of speeches provides an analysis of where the speech was strong or weak, but also ____

provides insight into methods for future speeches

During Ashlee's speech, she talks with the same inflections, pauses, and other qualities she uses when talking to friends even though her speech is carefully planned and rehearsed. Ashlee's speech has ____.

a conversational style

Passing around materials that an audience can see and hold ____

should be done only after weighing the risks

If you have prepared a speech but do not plan to use the same exact wording during the presentation, you will be speaking


One of the ways of responding is with aversion¾a feeling of dislike, a sort of running away from a person and avoiding him" is an example of a


Memory aids, such as acronyms, are often referred to as


____ is a researched informative speech that gives in-depth information.

An expository speech

The sentence "A trowel is an instrument used for moving and smoothing concrete" defines trowel by classification


When planning a demonstration speech

having personal experience with your topic area is more critical than with other kinds of informative speeches

Pria says to Ling, "Matthew's speech was fun, really relevant to current events, and I can clearly remember his main points, but I didn't really learn anything new." Based on Pria's statement, what aspect of an effective informative speech did Matthew fail to fulfill?

It was not intellectually stimulating.

____ is a method of informing that recounts a story of an event, a person's life, or some other account. A narration

A narration

The quickest way to define something is by

using a synonym and an antonym

An informative speech about the discovery of gravity and the historical reaction to this event is an expository speech that explains

historical events and forces

According to your textbook, when the topic is one with which the audience is already familiar, they are more likely to listen if

the information is perceived to be new and intellectually stimulating

In a speech arguing that college tuition is far too expensive, you explain that there are high quality colleges in Canada that charge half the cost. This is an example of which kind of argument?

argument by analogy

A decision to buy a car based on an analysis of cost, comparative features, and frequency of repair would be a decision based on ____


V. You find yourself really caring about what happens to the people involved in various incidents in the show.

evidence or support for a reason

Kara says to Sunny, "Did you hear Antonio's speech? I thought it was really good." Sunny replies, "How could you think he gave a good speech? He's such a dork! All he does is play video games. What a loser." Sunny's response is an example of ____

an ad hominem fallacy

When you are selecting evidence to support your speech claims, you should make sure that

the evidence comes from a well-respected source
the evidence is recent
the evidence will be persuasive with this audience
all of these

A speech attempting to persuade you to support a gun control bill because guns are used in a high percentage of crimes, because gun control will lower the use of guns, and because this bill on gun control is better than previous bills, is organized by what pattern?


Motivation may be defined as forces acting to

direct behavior

You should watch ER.

a specific goal statement

If, based on a discussion with two classmates, you stated to the instructor that "Many of the students in this class would like to have a take-home final," you would be committing a fallacy of

hasty generalization

Which of the following statements is accurate regarding negative emotions?

People generally attempt to eliminate them as soon as possible.

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