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Art Exam 3

Gustave Courbet "The STone Breakers" 1849 Realism
Jean-Francois Millet "The Gleaners" 1857 Realism
Edouard Manet "Olympia" 1863 Realism
Rosa Bonheur "The Horse Fair" 1855 Realism
Thomas Eakins "The Gross Clinic" Realism 1875
Renoir "Le Moulin de la Gallette" 1876 Impressionism
Claude Monet "Impression:Sunrise" 1872 Impressionism
Gustave Caillebotte "Paris, Rainy Day" 1877 Impressionism
Vincent van Gogh "Starry Night" 1889 Post Impressionism
Paul Gauguin "Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?" 1897 Post Impressionism
Georges Seurat "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte" 1886 Post Impressionism
Auguste Rodin "Burghers of Calais" 1889 post impressionism
Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel "Eiffel Tower-Paris" 1889 Post impressionism
Mary Cassatt "Mother and Child Series" impressionism
Edgar Degas-Ballet Series "The Rehearsal" Impressionism
Paul Cezanne "Monte Saint Victoire" Series Post impressionism