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My Drive
Your storage space in Drive, where your created and uploaded content lives in the Google world! You can also add content here that has been shared with you by other users.
Team Drives
Much like our "S" drives, this is a workspace for groups to collaborate on multiple files.
If you have downloaded the Drive app, this will allow you to connect to computers that will sync with your Drive. (not recommended for district use right now).
Shared with me
Any content that is shared with you, directly or indirectly, in Google Drive appears in this section. Items can appear here AND in My Drive simultaneously. You also CANNOT organize this section of your Drive!
Quick Access
The last several files you've accessed in Google Drive appear here. Don't like this feature? Turn it off in the "Settings" section of your Drive.
You can "star" items in your drive to make them appear in this section. Use this feature to help you quickly access content you use regularly, or bookmark longer file pathways within your drive.
Shared Folder
This folder has been shared with at least one other Google Drive user. You can tell by examining the icon - see the person?
Can contain multiple files and subfolders to help you organize content within your Drive.
Google Slides
Similar to PowerPoint, this tool can help you produce web-based presentations, slide-shows, and learning modules.
Google Sheets
Similar to Excel, this tool is great for managing data, organizing information, and observing trends in learning results.
Google Docs
Possibly the most flexible Google app tool, this one is similar to Microsoft Word. Use it to type an essay, create a schedule, develop collaborative notes, craft a handout, share links to other web content, and so much more!
Search Bar
You can always search for content in your drive using this tool. Search by file or folder name, owner, file type, date, and more using the dropdown menu for advanced options.
New Button
Create new content here, or upload content from your device.
View Switcher
Change the organization of your files from grid view (more visual) to list view (more text) using this option.
View Details
Turn this on to explore details about the content in your Drive. These details will appear on the right side of your window and can be turned off by clicking this icon a second time.
Customize how files and folders behave in your Drive, manage notifications and apps related to your Drive, and change specific features available in your drive in this important window.
Your Account
Are you logged into the correct account? Click here to check, modify your account (and your picture), and add an additional account.
Breadcrumb Trail
This part of your Drive will help you identify where you are, which folders are open, and allow you to navigate between open folders.
Google Apps Grid
Click here to see all available Google Apps and navigate to other parts of the Google world- Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Slides, Sites, etc.
Did you accidentally remove one of your files? Never fear - check this section of your drive to restore "removed" items.