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third world

term for nations not among the 1st world or 2nd world

francisco madero

moderate democratic mexican reformer

pancho villa

mexican revolutionary leader in n. mexico after 1910

emiliano zapata

mexican revolutionary commander of a guerilla movement at morelos

victoriano huerta

gained power in mexico after the death of madero

alvaro obregon

became leader of mexican gov't in 1915

mexican constitution of 1917

promised land and educational reform

lazaro cardenas

mexican president (1934-1940)

diego rivera and jose clemente orozco

mexican artists working after the mexican revolution


popular ballads


conservative peasant movement in mexico

party for institutionalized revolution

inclusive mexican political party


agreement between us, mexico and canada that lowered trade barriers

victor raul haya de la torre

peruvian politician; created the american poplar revolutionary allinace

getulio vargas

became president of brazil after a contested election in 1929

juan peron

dominant authoritarian and populist leader in argentina

eva duarte (evita)

wife of juan peron

juan jose arevelo

reformist president of guatemala

united fruit company

most important foreign company in guatemala

fulgencio batista

authoritarian ruler of cuba

fidel castro

revolutionary leader who replaced batista in 1958

liberation theology

combination of roman catholic and socialist principles

salvado allende

chilean socialist president

banana republics

conservative, often dictatorial latin american gov'ts friendly to the us

good neighbor policy

introduced by fdr in 1933 to deal fairly with latin american states

alliance for progress

1961 us program for economic development of latin america

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