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Names, Identity, & Society


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= the study of society and how people behave in groups. Ex. He is taking a _________ class this semester.
= a person's name and ideas about who they are.
Ex. Peter Parker is Spider-man's secret i___________.
= when a person can be easily hurt or harmed. Ex. The elderly are often the most _________ members of society.
= a group or person that is very high level in society. Ex. She went to a very _________ university.
= to respect or like someone and want to be like them. Ex. He really __________ his grandfather.
named after
(2 words) =give someone or something the same name as another person or thing. Ex. He was ___________ his uncle.
= your position in a group or society. Ex. She has a very high __________ job.
= when people communicate or work together. Ex. Names can affect how people _______ with each other.
= a polite way to talk about older people. Ex. In the U.S., the __________ often live in special retirement homes.
= a way of dividing people according to their skin color and other physical qualities. Ex. The U.S. has people of many _______.
= the fact of being male or female. Ex. In the U.S., ________ can affect a person's salary.
= a group of people in society divided by wealth or position. Ex. She comes from a middle ________ family.
= a group such as a club or business that has formed for a particular purpose. Ex. She works for a large __________ that focuses on improving education for children.
= the people who live in the same area, town etc. Ex. ____________ leaders met to discuss making bike paths for people.
= to separate into 2 or more groups. Ex. The students were _________ by age.
= in the beginning, before other things happened. Ex. She has lived in Concord a long time, but is ___________ from New York.
= a large group of people who share laws, organizations, customs. Ex. Technology has many effects on __________.
= a group of people of a different race, religion etc who have less power in a country. Ex. In the U.S., __________ often face discrimination.
= someone who legally belongs to a particular country. Ex. He is an American __________.
= the way in which someone or something is involved in an activity or situation. Ex. They discussed the _________ of women in society.
= the power to change the way someone or something develops, behaves, or thinks, without using direct force or orders. Ex. His friends had a big _________ on him.
= feeling like you are part of a group. Ex. She was on the tennis team and it gave her a sense of __________.
stands out
(2 words) = to be very easy to see or notice. Ex. She really __________ in the class because she is so good.
= behave in a particular way toward someone. Ex. Sometimes people _________ others differently because of their race or gender.
= when people do unfair things to someone because of their race, gender, group, etc. Ex. In the U.S., there is still ___________ against black people.
= the way that your parents care for you and teach you to behave when you are growing up. Ex. Michael had a very strict __________.
= ideas that you think are true. Ex. He has a lot of strong __________ about marriage.
= the good/bad feelings that people have about something. Ex. The boss's _________ toward the employees changed depending on their background.
= the ability to move. Ex. People say that the U.S. has a lot of social _________. Anyone can do anything and your name or background doesn't matter.
= having qualities considered to be typical of men or of what men do. Ex. Aggressive behavior is often considered to be more ___________.
= having qualities considered to be typical of women or of what women do. Ex. She didn't like traditional ____________ clothing.
fit in
(2 words) = when you are accepted by the other people in a group. Ex. She really tried to _______ at the school.
peer pressure
(2 words) = a strong feeling that you must do the same things as other people of your age if you want them to like you. Ex. Teenagers often start smoking because of ________________.
= the idea that people can do, say, or believe what they want without others criticizing or punishing them. Ex. They are teaching ___________ at the school.
= having many different types of people or things. Ex. The school has a lot of __________.
= the country that you are from or a citizen of. Ex. What is your ___________? --> I'm American.
= belief about god, good/bad behavior, etc. Ex. The U.S. has people from all ___________ such as Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, and Buddhists.
sexual orientation
= (2 words) the fact that someone is heterosexual or homosexual. Ex. It is illegal to discriminate against someone because of ____________.
= something that is old but never goes out of style. Ex. Robert is a _________ name in English.
= relating to a particular race, nation, or cultures. Ex. The teacher put the students into different _________ groups.
= how people react and speak to you. Ex. Some people __________ differently to women and men in job interviews.
= a group of people in society about the same age. Ex. That name was popular in my father's __________.
= a ways of doing something. Ex. There several __________ to choosing a name.
= a picture or shape that has a special meaning. = The American flag is often a _________ of freedom.
= being similar to others in your group. Ex. He is a ____________ teenager. He likes staying up late and is always on his phone.
= to use a name for someone. Ex. My name is Robert, but please _________ me Bob.
= not something that is easy to find; not common. Ex. The name Hubert is __________ these days.
= an image or idea about a group of people that is not true and usually not nice. Ex. In the U.S., people have many _________ about Black people.
= to have an opinion about someone or something. Ex. Sometimes people ________ others just by their name or how they look, but that is not very fair.
= something that is easy to find. Ex. Hubert is not a __________ name.
= many people like or use something. Ex. The name 'William' is still very ___________.
= treating people in an equal way. Ex. It is important for parents to be _________ with their children.
= a member of your family who lived a long time ago. Ex. Her ___________ lived in Eastern Europe.
= a change that is caused by an event, action etc. Ex. Learning English had a big _________ on his life.
= to do something that causes change in something or in someone's situation. Ex. Your name can _________ how people treat you.
= when a person is romantically attracted to people of the same sex. Ex. ________ marriage is legal in the U.S.
= a general word for people who feel that they belong to the other sex (male/female), and not the sex they were physically born with. Ex. They were discussing the rights of __________ people.
= able to speak two languages equally well. Ex. Their kids are _____________.
= to be part of a team. Ex. She is _________ the soccer team.
= to be part of a group. Ex. She is _________ the tennis club.
= to become part of a group. Ex. She wants to _________ the tennis club.
= something that is done by people in a particular society because it is traditional. Ex. In the U.S. it is the ____________ to call teachers by Mr. or Ms. in high school.
=an informal name for someone or something. Ex. Bob is a n___________ for Robert.
= having a connection to something. Ex. European family names are often __________ to jobs like people named Smith were blacksmiths and worked with metal.
= to want something to happen or be true and to believe that it is possible or likely. Ex. They h___________ I would be happy.
= to be related to a particular subject, activity. Ex. People usually ___________ the name Marilyn with Marilyn Monroe and her sexy image.
gone out of style
(4-word idiom) = when some fashion or design stops being popular. Ex. The name Bertha has __________.
passed down
(2 words) = give something (Ex. a name) to people who are younger than you. Ex. His name has been ___________ from generation to generation.
make fun of
(3-word idiom) = to laugh at someone and make jokes to embarrass them, either in a friendly way or in an unkind way. Ex. Children sometimes _________ other kids if they have an unusual name.
show affection
(2 words) = = doing something to give a feeling of liking or love and caring. Ex. Some people use terms of endearment like 'honey' or 'sweetie' to ____________.
= make shorter. Ex. Sometimes his friends ___________ his name from Brian to Bri.
easy to pronounce
(3 words) = not hard to say. Ex. The name 'Joe' is __________.
= a scientific test done to find out what happens or if an idea is true. Ex. The sociologists did an ________________ with names and homework to see if it influenced grades.