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immito, immittere, immisi, immissus

to send in, loosen

prora, ae, f.


ancora, ae, f.


tenax, tenacis, (gen.) (adj.)

gripping, tenacious

praetexo, praetexere, praetexui, praetextus

to fringe, cloak

fera, ae, f.

wild beast

semen, seminis, n.

seed, element

praesideo, praesidere, praesedi, praessus (+dat)

to rule, protect

lucus, i, m.

sacred grove, wood

praepes, praepetis (adj)

swift, flying

insuetus, a, um

unaccustomed, unused

eno, enare, enavi, enatus

to swim out, fly forth, float

remigium, remigii, n.

oarage, rowing equipment

foris, foris, f.

door, gate, entrance

letum, i, n.

death, destruction, ruin

pendo, pendere, pependi, pensus

to weight out, pay

quotannis (Adv)

yearly, annually

effero, efferre, extuli, elatus

to lift up, raise

furtim, i, n.

theft, stealth, fraud

proles, prolis, f.

progeny, offspring

nefandus, a, um

unspeakable, unutterable

dolus, i, m.

deceit, fraud, trick

ambages, ambagis, f.

winding (passage)

caecus, a, um

blind, dark, hidden

vestigium, vestigii, n.

step, footstep, track, trace

sino, sinere, sivi, situs

to permit, allow


but that, in fact, why not

protinus (Adv)

continually, at once

perlego, perlegere, perlegi, perlectus,

to survey, examine

sacerdos, sacerdotis, m/f.


posco, poscere, popsci

to demand, seek, ask

macto, mactare, mactavi, mactatus

to sacrifice, kill, slaughter

iuvencus, i, m.

bullock, ox

totidem (Adv)

as many, so many

moror, morari, moratus sum

to delay, tarry, hinder

excido, excidere, excidi, excisus

to cut, hew out

rupes, rupis, f.

rock, cliff

aditus, aditus, m.

approach, entrance

como, comere, compsi, comptus

to arrange properly

coma, ae, f.

hair, locks, tresses

cesso, cessare, cessavi, cessatus

to cease, pause, delay

dehisco, dehiscere, dehivi,

to yawn, gape, open up

prex, precis, f.

prayer, entreaty

miseror, miserari, miseratus sum

to pity, commiserate

obeo, obire, obii, obitus

to approach, traverse

repos(i)tus, a, um (adj)

secluded, remote


thus far, up until now

parco, parcere, peperci, parsus (+dat)

to spare

praescius, a, um

foreknowing, prescient

consido, considere, consedi, consessus

to sit down, settle

penetralia, penetralium, n. pl.

inner part, sanctuary

arcanus, a ,um

secret, hidden

almus, a, um

nourishing, kind

mando, mandare, mandavi, mandatus

to order, entrust, command

reor, reri, ratus sum

to think, suppose

pando, pandere, pandi, passus

to spread open

remugio, remugire

to bellow, roar

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