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Chap. 18-23

Vickery Exam
they lost some of the reforming zeal and moral fervor they typically had before the civil war
which of the following describes most middle class families of the late 19th century?
considerable differences in the standard of living among families in the same occupation
early social workers who visited working class homes in the late 19th century discovered
was a "new" immigrant
census records reveal that the average urban american of the late nineteenth and early 20th centuries
almost no one
before 1882, americans restricted ____ from immigrating to the US
social darwinists' fears that immigrants would undermine american "racial purity"
one of the causes which eventually led to restrictions on immigration was the
settled in ethnic neighborhoods in the urban centers
the "new" immigrants from eastern and southern europe
electric trolleys
urban transportation was revolutionized and urban development was redirected in the 1880s by
football as a major sport
walter camp played a major role in establishing
in his steps
characters asked themselves, "what would jesus do?" in charles m. sheldon's best-selling social gospel novel
they continued to be optimistic and uncritical admirers of american civilization
by the 1890s, how did most americans respond to the changes of industrialization and urbanization?
small and intellectually stagnant with few professors of any intellectual repute
in 1870, most american colleges were
development of institution and thier interactions with each other
under the influence of charles darwin, the new social sciences turned much of their energy to studying the
the emphasis of oliver wendell holmes, jr. on evolutionary change had a profound impact upon 20th century
mark twain
the author of novels such as huckleberry finn, whose acute reportorial eyes and ears caught the spirit of his age, was
sister carrie
one of the first books to treat sex forthrightly was
brilliant watercolors
although he had almost no formal training, winslow homer is considered a master because of his
mary cassatt
the american expatriate artist deeply influenced by french impressionism was
it did not undermine the faith of a large percentage of the population
which of the following best describes darwin's theory of evolution's impact on religious though in america?
pragmatism encouraged
joseph pulitzer
the first newspaper editor to reach a truly massive audience without abandoning his basic integrity was
were weak leaders
the presidents during the last quarter of the 19th century
post-civil war sectional tensions
the "bloody shirt" issue of the late 1800s refers to
james A. Garfield
in 1881 president _____ was assassinated by charles guiteau, an unbalanced office-seeker
southern states enacted literacy tests and poll taxes in the 1890s
blacks in the south were not totally disfranchised or segregated until
plessy v. ferguson
the doctrine of "separate but equal" facilities was handed down by the supreme court in
gave political power to poor immigrants
many urban reformers resented the boss systems because it
farmers' alliance
the earlier group from which the populist movement emerged was the
the coinage of silver
after the election of 1892, it became clear that ____ was of utmost interest to voters
jacob coxey
the small-town businessman who led an "army" of the unemployed on a march in washington d.c. in 1894 was
was insignificant because within 2 decades the country abandoned basing the volume of currency on bullion
ultimately, the battle between gold and silver
effort to regulate and control big business
one of the roots of progressivism was the late-19th century
theodore roosevelt called the progressive-era journalists who investigated corruption and fraud in american business and politics
the progressives attempted their first political reforms in the
city manager
the ___ plan was an urban reform pioneered in dayton, ohio whereby city affairs were administered on a nonpartisan basis by a professional
energetic, aggressive, and outspoken
as opposed to his successors from hayes to mckinley, theodore roosevelt was
theodore roosevelt
the first progressive president and the advocate of the "square deal" was
upton sinclair's 'the jungle'
roosevelt sent officials to chicago to investigate the condition of its slaughterhouses based on
taft got into political hot water in the 1910 ballinger-pinchot controversy, which dealt with
new freedom
woodrow wilson advocated a program called the
strongly prejudiced against them
when it came to non-whites, white progressives tended to be
during the ccivil war, ____ established a protectorate over mexico and installed archduke maximillian as emperor.
alfred thayer mahan argued in the 1890s that national security and prosperity rested on a powerful
an american-led coup and the abolition of the monarchy
queen liliuokalani's "hawaii for hawaiians" movement led to
the boundary between venezuela and british guiana
in the 1890s a nasty dispute erupted between the US and great britain over
the major issue in the spanish-american war was the independence of
launched a guerrilla war against the american forces
when america refused to withdraw its armed forces, the filipinos
the open door policy attempted to preserve the chances for american business to enter the markets of
japan promised not to issue passports for laborers seeking work in America
according to the "gentlemen's agreement" negotiated by roosevelt in 1907,
in order to build the panama canal on the terms he wanted, president roosevelt intervened militarily to aid the panamanian revolt against
marginal regional power
on the eve of world war 1 the US was a
wanted to spread the gospel of american democracy to enlighten the unfortunate and ignorant
president wilson's basic approach to foreign relations was that he
over 2/3 of all americans were either first of second generation immigrants
many americans favored neutrality during the great war because
conflicts over freedom of the seas
american attitudes towards the two sides in the great war were most influenced by
in february, 1917 the US learned of the ___ telegram in which germany offered a military alliance to mexico if the us entered the war on the allied side
the central power would have won in 1918
if the US had not entered the great war, it is likely that
rose dramatically
farm income during the great war
during the great war, mere criticism of the gov't became cause for arrest and imprisonment under the ___ act
freedom of the seas
woodrow wilson's fourteen points included
league of nations
wilson believed that any weaknesses in the versilles treaty could be overcome by the
the belief by many americans that unions were associated with communism
the work of radicals in the labor movement led to