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  1. 1907
  2. Consumer Guarantees Act 1993
  3. Signing of the Magna Carta 1215
  4. 1642-1651
  5. Magna Carta 1297
  1. a ⊕ The nobility wanted more power so they eventually forced the King to sign and agree to their demands, such as;
    ⊕ Consultation over taxation
    ⊕ The right to be tried before a jury of their peers
    ⊕ A role in national decision making
  2. b ⊕ New Zealand became a dominion
  3. c ⊕ English Civil War between the Monarchy and Parliament
    ⊕ Parliament were victorious
  4. d ⊕ This document was formally incorporated into legislation during Edward I's reign
    ⊕ Still part of the New Zealand legal system under the Imperial Laws Application Act 1988
    ⊕ By law the King had to consult with Parliament before raising taxes, confirmed the right to be tried before a jury of your peers and also gave a role in national decision making
  5. e ⊕ Relied on by individuals when they allege to have been ripped off when buying goods and services

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  1. ⊕ A case showing New Zealand taking and openly independent path
  2. ⊕ The principles of the treaty were defined in the Court of Appeal
    ⊕ Sought legal recognition for Maori
    ⊕ Addressed the place of the treaty within the legal system - State Owned Enterprises Act 1986
  3. ⊕ Relied on by individuals when they allege to have been ripped off when buying goods and services
  4. ⊕ Monarchy restored
  5. ⊕ 6th February 1840 the Treaty of Waitangi was signed
    ⊕ Between Hobson as a Crown official and most Maori chiefs of the Northland region

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  1. Colonial Laws Validity Act 1865⊕ Extended the independence of the New Zealand legislature
    ⊕ New Zealand could now make laws that conflicted with that of Britain, so long as the laws did not extend to New Zealand specifically


  2. English Laws Act 1858⊕ Passed by the New Zealand Parliament
    ⊕ The Act stated that New Zealand inherited all the laws of England as at 14 January 1840
    ⊕ Inherited the statutory and common law


  3. Companies Act 1993⊕ Limited Liability Businesses set up under this act
    ⊕ Salomon v Salomon & Co case law example
    ⊕ Corporate Law


  4. Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975⊕ Waitangi Tribunal Established


  5. Old Age Pensions Act 1898⊕ New Zealand the first nation to set up a comprehensive pension system
    ⊕ Provided small regular payments to the 'deserving poor' of a certain age
    ⊕ Revolutionary but also racist as it excluded Asian New Zealanders