Chapter 1 World History

World studies chapter 1 pages 3-14 Set one (quiz1)

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Divine Sovereignty
God's complete and permanent control over the world
Image of God
Set of qualities possessed by all humans that reflects God's personality
Creation Mandate
Our job, which is to subdue the earth and have dominion over it
The physical and mental environment developed through human thought and labor
Human culture as it is lived in cities or under the influence of cities
Cultural institution in which humans who share certain core values work together to improve their quality of life
A very large group of people who share the same language, family history, land area and culture
The belief that there are many gods
Abrahamic Covenant
A promise by Jehovah to give Abraham many descendants, the land of Canaan, and a universal blessing
Mosaic Covenant
Israel promised to obey God's rules and God would make them a special nation as long as they obeyed His commands
Ten Commandments
Ten laws showing Israel how to love God and other humans
The belief in one God
Davidic Covenant
God's covenant with David that his descendants would play a role in fulfilling the Abrahamic covenant of a lasting nation and bring the promised Messiah
The Anointed One
New Covenant
God's promise to put His rules in the hearts of His people so that they would want to obey
Jesus of Nazareth
He was fully God and fully man and came to be the promised Messiah who would defeat sin's curse once and for all!
Jesus died for our sins and has risen again to break the power of sin
Religion that believes that Jesus was not the Messiah and they still wait for him
Saul of Tarsus
A man who tried to wipe out the church, but met the messiah and reverted his ways. He became a great missionary to the Gentiles
He started persecuting Christians around AD 64
Roman Emperor who converted to Christianity
Edict of Milan
A law ordered by Constantine which put an end to the Christians persecution after 300 years
The new Roman capital and the hub of the Eastern Roman Empire "Constantine's City"
Byzantine empire
The eastern portion of the Roman empire
Christian leader in Hippo, north Africa who responded to critics of Christianity by writing a book called "The City of God." He defends Christians and claims they had no part in causing Rome to fall to the barbarians

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