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Quizlet, our 21st Century Platform of multilingual Visible and Updated Vocabulary Acquisition in Context and in Progress.

a fun, engaging vocabulary or concept learning opportunity.
review your material, will shuffle or randomize, includes audio.
one of Quizlet modes that allow learners to track their correct/incorrect answers and retest the ones they've missed.
one of Quizlet modes that allow learners to type what you hear in this audio-powered study mode.
one of Quizlet modes that randomly generates tests based on users' flashcard set.
one of Quizlet modes that gets learners to race against the clock to drag and match terms or definitions and to learn concepts faster.
one of Quizlet modes that gets learners to type in the answer as terms or definitions scroll across the screen.
Quizlet offers audio in 18 different languages.
Study set
group of vocabulary words or concepts for student practice.
Quizlet works on any device, any browser with multimedia support.
Quizlet Live
in-class, team-based learning game that tests collaboration and critical thinking skills as well as content.
the way students feel when using Quizlet.
the way students and teachers feel when using Quizlet.
illustrations, maps, charts, or photos that help learners understand concepts and processes and make learning memorable.
one of Quizlet features that help teachers reach all learners and share study sets and modes with other teachers and learners.
one of Quizlet features that help students and teachers use it at multiple levels across the curriculum.
one of Quizlet modes that measures how well learners know their definitions and keeps track of what they miss so they can focus on those terms later in their study session beyond school walls and bells.
Vocabulary, Spelling, Grammar
Language in action to understand and showcase concepts in context.
Visuals, Spelling and sound.
Visual and audio support to support all learners.
Gamification, Collaboration and Critical Thinking
21st Century skills in action along learning paths.
Failing Forward toward progress
Testing has never been so fun and personalized.

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