14 terms

L4: Already/Yet/Just/Still


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yet (= I plan to do it)
I haven't cleaned the bathroom _________. (already/just/yet/still)
already (= finished earlier so not needed now)
I have _________ (already/just/yet/still) done the dishes, so you don't need to worry about them.
already (= done earlier)
I have _________ (already/just/yet/still) seen that movie, so I don't want to watch it again.
just (=a very short time ago)
We have _________ (already/just/yet/still) finished running, so we are all sweaty.
still (= situation continues)
He is _________ (already/just/yet/still) doing his homework. It's taking him a long time.
already (= earlier than expected)
Have you _________ (already/just/yet/still) finished your homework? That was so fast!
just (=a very short time ago)
They have _________ (already/just/yet/still) arrived from China, so they are very tired.
already (= finished earlier, so not needed now)
We have _________ (already/just/yet/still) met the new teacher, so you don't need to introduce her to us.
yet (= plan to do it)
I haven't read that book _________ .
still (= situation continues)
They _________ (already/just/yet/still) haven't arrived, and they are 2 hours late.
yet (= should be done, but...)
Have you finished your homework _________?(already/just/yet/still)? We need to go soon.
still (= situation continues)
They _________ (already/just/yet/still) live Concord after all of these years.
already (= sooner than expected)
It's 4pm and it is _________ (already/just/yet/still) dark.
still (= situation continues)
It's 9am and it is _________ (already/just/yet/still) dark.