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Hank Murphy was selected to develop an advanced personal communication device with his own self-managed work team. Hank was assured that resource allocation and timelines were flexible for this project provided the work was a cut above that provided by the rest of the employees. As a part of the project guidelines, Hank included the demand that the device being developed by the team should also be marketed exclusively by them without resorting to franchising or cobranding. This was to ensure that customers recognized the product as reflecting the values of their company. Work on this project began with a lot of vigor and once the device was developed, Hank's team implemented their marketing strategy. However, even three months after the product's release, visibility remained low in the market and many reviewers did not consider the device to be much of an innovation. Which of the following statements, if true, would indicate a lack of reflexivity in Hank's self-managed work team?
A) Hank's team members developed multiple blueprints of the device which were thoroughly discussed, improvised, and synthesized into the final plan for the product.
B) In the first few weeks of the project, Hank had witnessed a moderate level of conflict between the team members as each one had his own idea about how best to go about this high-priority project.
C) The device was later marketed as a part of a national level tie-up with E-store outlets and did remarkably well in its second stint in the market.
D) In Hank's team, the members took accountability for the group's performance as a whole and reported their individual progress to him as well.
E) Hank's team used e-mail and instant messaging to communicate unique information when some of the team members were not available for face-to-face interactions.